In the States Once-United of America, censorship is white, Anglo-Saxon, protestant, absolutist, authoritarian advertising, publicity, promotion, indoctrination, disinformation – propaganda. As with all propaganda, those in power, necessarily a minority, vastly outnumbered, correctly perceiving the only basis of its subjugation of the masses, its calculated, engineered ability first to dupe those surmised lower classes into mass compliance, then to manipulate that submission through unremitting persuasion, proclaiming the superiority of the minority leadership in dominance.

Of solitary interest to those in power is the protection and the continuing profitability of their wealth and their investments. The populace at large is but fodder for the growth of their supposed supremacism. The tyranny of the few, at the expense of the many, is assured simply by the allegation of a contrived threat to the security of the majority, mandating, by the artifice of control, the usurpation of the rights and dignities of that majority, in exchange for the promise of safeguard against purported threat. Through its accompanying propaganda, the masses, taught both to fear and to regard themselves as inferior, and thus deprived of autonomy, acquiesce, surrendering all self-determination to the lie, the hoax, the hypocrisy.

If those in power are offended, and the powerless majority is censored for that offence, the views of the oligarchy are rendered twice upheld – both by original command, and by subsequent censorious displeasure. Censorship, then, is a punishment against the masses for refusing to submit to the will of rule. This double jeopardy is forbidden by law in the AOUA, originating as English, or Saxon, law, but sanctioned, in practice, by both societal norm and oligarchical decree. Why must the choices of the few govern the choices of the many?  Despising the collective, the communal, the guise of individualism is but particularised conformity. In submission to fear of ostracism, there is assent, obedience, passivity.

Only in diversity may the beauty, the prosperity, the strength of the greater good of the greater citizenry regain ascendency.