Month: July 2020


Les familles peuvent être autonomes, le leadership lui étant accordé au mieux doté pour gérer, pour commander. On pense que les communautés, aussi simples soient-elles, nécessitent une gouvernance. Ceux qui ont la richesse matérielle la […]

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Exhilaratingly liberated, bewitchingly feminine, Baklâ is a boldly sexy realisation of the femme-male. Built around a lush sampaguita jasmine, equally fresh and ravishingly rich, Baklâ takes that feminine beauty and adds a touch of the […]


Whim, fancy, fantasy, poised between the ostentatious and the grotesque, delightfully so, this home has seemingly never suffered the pangs of neglect, but over-indulgence, provoking a nature spoiled to the core. Quality and preservation trifle […]

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There is no good or bad, no right or wrong; there is only balance and imbalance. To maintain balance under any conditions, action precisely equal yet opposing must define one’s response to whatever befalls. Currently […]


My dream – Now personally confirmed following several visits, AOB far exceeds expectations in providing an invaluable service to the adult community, in an ideal environment for the fulfilment of the sensual and erotic needs […]


Ce n’est pas qu’elle soit trop belle pour être vraie, mais qu’elle défie tous les modes conventionnels de caractérisation. L’extraordinaire est pourtant crédible, une réalité qui se distingue de toutes les autres. Dans ses limites, […]