The old world, in general, is congenial in pleasure and scrupulous in praise. The pleasure is a whim of the time, as the time is young; and the praise is a boast of the time, as the time is old. There are young times and old times, and no time young but old also, and no time old but young also. They who delight are the children of themselves, and they who judge are the parents of themselves. The pleasure is a mischief; the praise, a rebuke. All are divided between wildness and wiseness.

Harmony arises upon a foundation of history and of tradition strong enough to support and to sustain upon that foundation, new vision, renewed courage, and innovative growth. It is unlikely that any loftiness, any majesty, any nobility, any sanctity, any solemnity, any stateliness, would have such fragile conceit as to be in any way offended by those who question, by those who disbelieve, by those who rebel.