One has to choose to be healthy, to be normal. That is the first step. One then has to take command of one’s own destiny. Illness is real, physical and mental, but all illness is a form of imbalance. To heal, one must seek balance. Medication does not achieve balance. Medication diminishes one’s motivation to pursue that balance, and obfuscates the path towards it. It may be one’s destiny to succumb to physical or mental illness, often hereditary, but that illness is one’s own gauntlet to run. Medication delays but cannot deny the ineluctable. Run the gantlet, your gauntlet, courageously, lucidly, resolutely. Peace, either in healing or in final rest, lies at the other end. Perhaps there is good medicine. There is certainly bad medicine. In health, though, there is no good and bad. There is only balance and imbalance.