My dream –


With all genuine and due respect, may I presume Your pleasure to be Your prime concern? If so, pain inflicted on me, but not enjoyed by me, will be the fulfilment of Your sadistic desire alone. I am a third-gender faggot. Despite and still, my world is matri-central. My limp clittie of a dicklette has never fucked anyone. Blessed, or cursed, though, with the confirmed psychological inability to entertain the notion and the emotion of fear, pain is not accompanied by fear. My awe of You will be real, sensual, live, living, thriving; and expression of my devotion, my adorations my worship of You as a woman, as a mistress, as a goddess.

Much of my life, I believed life to be a continual romance with pain; pain, not self-inflicted, but granted in response to obsession, my only governing principle. After years of preparation, my father fucked me for the first time, full insertion, on my seventh birthday. I had been begging for it. In preparation for that event, fascination with my boycunt came very early, and with it delight in my own eliminations, pee and shit. That allure has captivated me all of my life, to the extent that, now, the consumption of pee and shit is perhaps my greatest passion, my most sublime joy.

I have shared all of this with You in response to Your ‘preclaimed’, proclaimed intent to abuse. Abuse, though, when welcomed, can hardly be termed abuse. I cannot be humiliated. I cannot be shamed. In my intelligence superior to most men, I have deemed total submission to You as divinely inspired, divinely ordained. A vast surrender is my only strength, a strength in which You, too, may only benefit. As Your sex and toilet slave, I will gladly receive whatever You offer – yes, offer, for it will not, never, be deemed punishment – the dirtier, the nastier, the more filthy, the better.

Use of my holes by You as you wish will be gratuitously accepted, perceived as gifts from my Goddess-Mistress-Muse. Whatever the exploitation of my fagcunt – with strap-ons, over-large dildos, and fists – my pleasure. The frosting on any cake You bake, though, will be Your pee, Your spit, Your shit, Your menstrual fluid, and, of course, any ‘clean-up’ following any vaginal or anal inseminations Your enjoy. A slave, at Your command, I will care for Your every need. I come to You well-practiced. My motivation will be Your service unfaltering, unrivaled, where service exceeds expectations. My reward will be Your pleasure.

I have long imagined a relationship of servitude wherein I might honour the apotheosisation of aberration. In pursuit of that ineluctable fate, abuse me with the disabuse of your every expectoration, Your every elimination. Aside from all else that You desire of me in observation of Your female domination of my inferior gender, after I have licked and tongued your delectable butthole, take me as Your toilet, pee and shit in my mouth, and watch me savour all that has traversed the wonder of Your inimitable pre-eminence.

I am a devout disciple of female supremacy, a poet, a writer, a cockwhore, cumslut faggot. As my Mistress-Muse, You will be presented, too, the measureless worship of my words, in unflinching, mellifluous, and enspelling detail. As my Mistress-Goddess, Your open if not generous heart is requested when You are comparing me and those who are the perfection of order; me, an I who mine is for the courage no other to be, as I explore the farthest reaches of the extreme, bounty’s enormous land all fetish, infatuation, mania. Though not woman, not man, either, and not Your enemy, I want to present to You strange mighty lands where flowering mystery surrenders itself to the takers, where new fires are and colours unseen, phantasms by the thousands weightless, which need to be given reality. Where time is to banish to call back, discipline my battling always at the limits of limitlessness and tomorrow, discipline my errors, discipline my sins.

Abiding by a fierce dedication which will never be forsworn, I have ventured here, begging Your indulgence and Your forgiveness, to share with You my heartfelt yearnings. Were I to deny them, I would be unworthy of Your Queenship, Your dominion. In closing here, then, hereinafter forever at Your bidding, as You will have me, bowed, on knees alone or hands and knees, on back or prostate, receiving Your abuse as blessing, my only prayer, at Your most pleasured convenience, the eminent ecstasy of Your fond befouling. Needless, too, to implore, call me what You wish, however repulsive, for it will be my due, a salve upon my wounds. 

I await Your direction.


I will worship You, not from a distance, but closely, personally. If You would please You, I will feed You, either hand to mouth, or mouth to mouth. When You wish for me to eat, if you desire, You may spit into my mouth from Yours that which You want for me to swallow. I will eat from Your pussy or from Your lovely butthole. You will never again need to sit on a cold, hard toilet, but may pee and shit directly into my mouth. Never again will toilet paper of bidet be necessary; I will lick and tongue Your pussy and Your butthole clean. Even at night, should You feel the need to pee or to shit, Your summons to Your bedside will find me there immediately to drink Your pee, to eat Your shit.

Daily, I walk the line between genius and insanity, both extremes of my obsession. I am conversant in many languages, and have spent nearly my entire life away from native Wales, exploring the wonders and the mysteries of the world. While I care for Your body and its needs, desires, and wants, however perverse or extreme, I will also care for the demands, longings, and fancies of Your mind. In every realm of Your venerable existence – physical, sensual, mental, psychological, spiritual – cherishing every moment with You, and even those intervals between moments, I will lavish You with affection, with adoration, with unfaltering idolization.

Throughout my life, I have been a diviner of fortune. I read palms, hands, faces, cards, Tarot, numbers, lives. Destiny may not be coerced, cajoled, or counted on. Privileged to be in Your service – assured of the fated legitimacy of that calling – for the portion of forever granted me by destiny, by You, I will remain Your devoted poet, sage, and seer.

 Yes, I so yearn to be Your pet, Your companion; my hands, lips, tongue, body, mind, spirit, will, unconditionally at Your beckoning, at Your command. Should You favour cats, or dogs, or horses, or any other animal, or combination of animals, or birds, or reptiles, or wish to invent through me Your own, I will comply and obey. Astrologically, I am a Water Snake, born under an Aquarian sun, Scorpio rising, with Moon, Venus, and Mars in  Aries. I was born to a life of servitude, and now, having at last been blessed with such a laudable matron and mistress, I unhesitatingly, eagerly, though deferentially surrender to all that you may be or become to me.

Please, dear Goddess, if I may hazard such boldness, though I will endeavour to anticipate and to satisfy all of Your needs, there may be those needs for which You may require additional succour. You are my Sainte, my Goddess, my Magdalen, my Muse. I am but your servant, your slave. With all the resources of intelligence and experience, I will not leave any stone unturned in striving to fulfil Your desires. The decision to call upon, to rely upon others as well, either supplementarily, or in combination with my fawning, will be, needless to convey, entirely at Your discretion. In other words, I have no delusions – labour though I may to ensure the realisation of even the fondest of Your imaginings – that occasionally, at least, and perhaps frequently, perhaps even always, You will demand polygamous service. A Goddess, to be sure, Your needs must be profuse and diverse.

Organisation and attention to detail are amongst my many profound strengths. As such, I am most qualified to attend to all of the details of Your person and Your life. Though trust is said to take years to develop, I would suggest that trust is founded in an instant, and confirmed through a lifetime. To the extent that You accept me as your servant, slave, companion, guardian, bard, and magus, I give myself to You with the wholeness, the fullest integrity of my being. To the extent that I am granted worship of You, I commit to that extolment. There are only mediocrity and obsession, and I know only obsession. In the entirety of my submission to You, You be assured of the soundness of Your trust in me.

In service to you, I will be happy. That will be my reward. The stroke, the petting, I will seek will come in Your happiness, in the fulfilment of Your desires. With all my heart, I desire to be by Your side, in collar and leash, abandoning all self-will to Your supreme command. The bond of mistress and slave, master and slave, is perhaps life’s most precious coupling. Should You take me as Your slave, even and especially, precisely, in my relationship with You as sole ruler of my fortune, You proclaim, as I, that I have some blood that is Yours but that You have never known, You have some blood that is mine but that I have never known. My blood is Yours in servitude; Your blood, mine, as You wish to avail me of it. If You are still menstruating, I beseech You bestow to me that nurture.

I give You all of me, without reservation. Grant me, please, I beg, again, all that has traversed Your Holy Self – Your every bodily fluid and excrement – Your honest words of revilement or acknowledgement of pleasure felt – and all else You feel best in giving, however may be regarded its considered worth.

Would that the beginning of my servitude to You deny all that came before it. Would that I could declare to You and to the world, I am Yours and and only Yours, I am hers and only hers, in worship and in service; and all that was before is now forgotten.

Regarding kinky, there is nothing that I will not do for You. Rest content, much that many others would deem impossible, I have already tried and loved. A vast surrender is my only strength.

My beloved Goddess, my only worship, my only mistress, my breath, my blood, my purpose, naked before the vision of You, my forehead on the ground before Your feet, may I be Yours in bondage unrestrained?

I await Your gracious resolution.


Yes, Mistress, without compromise, without complaint, without hesitation, I agree that Your needs must always come first. However capricious Your moods, however extreme Your treatment, however perverted or wayward Your demands, I will unfailingly serve You with gratitude, with tenderness, with devotion.  To obey You in the satisfaction of Your desires, needs, and wants, will be my greatest joy. A joy that I will be expressed to You with an even fuller anticipation of Your cravings, Your requirements, Your appetites and Your lusts.

Yes, please, Mistress, collar me, leash me, cage me, plug me. I am a quick learner, and will be a responsive, submissive slave. The strictness of Your discipline will be matched by the thoroughness of my adaptation to and accommodation of Your requirements. Of course, my worthiness of Your supreme authority must be proven by me. I will expect no lenience in this regard.  Your affection, however minimally or abundantly it may be manifest, will be mine alone to earn. As Your slave, the boundlessness of my servility to You will not guarantee me anything that You do not deem me deserving of receipt. 

The duration of my servitude to You will be yours to determine. As I will undoubtedly grow to love You  more and more each day – as a slave loves her or his master or mistress – I would hope that You would never dismiss me from Your service. Born to please you, as destiny now confirms, I will do all within my capability, every moment of every day, to demonstrate to You an allegiance more steadfast than moon and sun. No insistence You might make of me would ever cause me to leave. That will be your liberty alone; my deepest regret.

Finally, again you mention kinky. Again, as Your slave, use me as You wish. There is nothing I will not do in the consummation of Your pleasure, Your delight, Your whim. I am a dirty, nasty, filthy slut and whore. Please, my Goddess, let me be Yours alone to worship.


Any utterance three times reported becomes a vow.

I belong to you. You possess, command, and direct every facet of my being. With my every instinct, thought, and feeling, your worship, your service, your pleasure will be my only motivation. As a mantra, I will repeat to myself my oath of devotion to you as if it were my breath –

‘Mistress dear, I cherish you, I revere you, I serve you. Prostrate before you, I am your slave.’ 

‘Mistress dear, I cherish you, I revere you, I serve you. Prostrate before you, I am your slave.’

‘Mistress dear, I cherish you, I revere you, I serve you. Prostrate before you, I am your slave.’ 

With all my heart and life, I thank you for granting me the privilege of your ownership, your thralldom. Please, my Goddess, my Worship, my Mistress, my Muse, rest assured that I am with you always, even when not near. Summon me, and I will hear. With this promise, never to be forsworn, I am yours and yours alone.


In anticipation of Your every command, or anytime Your breast is out, Your pussy or Your ass exposed, I will drop to my knees, and, bowing, either in preparation for Your directions, or with open slutty sissy mouthpussy, my tongue hungrily sticking out, gazing devotedly at Your magnificence. I will remain there until You either require me act upon my feet; until You bid my lips and tongue engage at nipples, clit, pussy, or butthole; until You motion me to turn around, so that You can fuck my sissycunt with dildo or strapped-on cock; or until You demand me on my back, to receive with glee and gratitude Your body’s eliminated blessings. No wish unmet but with worshipful adoration; caring, attending, even when desires are yet unspoken; Your smile of satisfaction, a gift sublime.

Whether in Your presence, or more distantly reverent, however conveyed, Your  orders obeyed. Speak with Your mind, Your heart, Your desire alone, or write, and, ever heedful, ever vigilant, I will feel You, I will hear You, and will comply. In Your entirety, You are my Goddess, my Mistress, my Sainte, my Magdalen, my Muse. Should any part or portion or facet or aspect of Your beloved being require my caress, my submission, my exaltation, I will so gratify. My worship is thorough, unequivocal, unfailing. No matter the time or place, in waking and in sleep, even in absence, Your presence will prevail. With all my heart, my mind, my body, and my soul, I am Your slave, Yours to own, to use, to pamper, to abuse. Command me, my Mistress. I am ready. I am eager. I am desperate.

With this tribute, rendered without reservation, I surrender for evermore all that I was, I am, and will be, into the servitude, the bondage, the thralldom of You alone, my Divinity, to all You are and will be.

With this tribute, rendered without reservation, I surrender for evermore all that I was, I am, and will be, into the servitude, the bondage, the thralldom of You alone, my Divinity, to all You are and will be.

With this tribute, rendered without reservation, I surrender for evermore all that I was, I am, and will be, into the servitude, the bondage, the thralldom of You alone, my Divinity, to all You are and will be.

My vow.


I so very much look forward to this episode with you, my Mistress. I am now your sissy. I am now your slave. In the days, months, and years to come, you will fully realise the wisdom of your choice in granting me your tutelage in the perfection of my fate. Today, my Goddess, already, I worship and adore you. Let us see what tomorrow will bring. May I love you, too, as a slave loves her Mistress?