Some things in life are not subject to compromise. For me, amongst these are —

Abhorrence of bullies; abstention from alcohol, now three months from nineteen years; aversion to conservative, fundamentalist, fascist ideologies; abomination of mediocrity; animosity towards proselytisers, sycophants; I appear as I am;

Belief in choice, difference, equality, freedom, harbour, humanity, responsibility, safety; I am be as I appear;

Love of animals, children; women for their strengths, men for their recklessness; plants, trees, wood; love of awareness, balance, calm, consciousness, harmony, peace, quiet, solitude, stillness; love of the classic bicycle, the fast automobile, the ocean kayak, the private aircraft; le parfum pour tous les hommes comme pour toutes les femmes;

Belief in third-gender, gender-fluid, gender-defiant, feminine men, masculine women; belief in every manifestation of human sexual and gender identity – lesbian, gay, bisexual, transsexual, transgender, trans-sensual, queer, questioning, faggot, sissy, intersexual, omnisexual, pansexual,  asexual…slut, whore; belief in the free and open exploration of all expressions of sexuality;

Hand-blown glass; hand-thrown pottery; and-knitted sweaters; hand-woven textiles; hand-written letters; home-cooked meals; hearts stronger than hands;

Hand-kneaded whole-grain bread; raw milk cheese; dark chocolate; fruit preserves; milk, raw; muscovado sugar, raw; oil, cold-pressed, virgin; brown eggs from cage-free chickens; horses, dogs, cats, cattle, sheep, goats, at pasture or in the house, as companions, to ride, for milk, for wool, never for meat;

Poetry, Muse-obsessed; preference of dark to light, Moon to Sun, greyness and rain to blueness and sunshine, order over chaos, silver to gold; preference of hardcover books to softcover books; preference of rock and hill to sand and beach; preference for music in the dark, lying on the floor; preference for natural, then incandescent light; preference for electronic music; preference for natural fibres – silks, linens, cottons, woolens; preference for all stones but the diamond;

Respect and reverence for the guru, the old and the wise, the teacher, the young and the defiant; refusal to borrow and to loan; Welsh blood and heritage…

A list-in-process.