I dreamed your dream for you, and now your dream is real.

Multi-lingual and cultural, without a country to call my own, I live on four continents, in Wales, in Gabon, in the Philippines, and near the Canadian border, in the Pacific Northwest of the US. I list the US last, because I feel least at home there. I have a home there, but the country is not my home.

Wherever I am, I am as I appear, I appear as I am. Open, out, free, me.

I am in an open Living Apart Together relationship with an open-minded bi-sexual woman who, in her mid-fifties, enjoys the lifestyle of an elegant sophisticated Mistress. She loves Femininity in all its superb expressions, by females and by males. She enjoys educating young girls, mature women, and males into refined femme-Femininity, that is, male-Femininity. Every lesson of worth that I have learned in my life has been taught to me by a woman. If I fancy anything from a man, which I seldom do, I must win it in battle. Though a lifelong gender-fluid, I have learned much from my current companion, as I have from the others.

I am a gender-defiant male who enjoys Femininity, particularly male-Femininity in all its most extreme renderings – body grooming, make-up, dressing-up, seduction and arousal, erotic play and sexual intercourse, chastity, and more. I appreciate classy-stylish male-Femininity, in demeanour, in appearance, and not the least in its assimilation into the inner lives of males. Regarding myself as Femme, ignoring my maleness, I prefer to refer to myself, a Femme-male, with ‘her’ and ‘she’.

As such, I should be soft and feminine, smooth from head to toe, with immaculate make-up and dressed as a true Femme. My heart should and is stronger than my hand.

Being third-gender, I am not at all into manly-masculine men. I prefer men to look like the women I prefer. Gender does not determine in any way what I find attractive; looks do. I adore girly, womanly, feminine men,  and women with the bewitching allure of mother, sorceress, and whore, combined. Effeminate men, though, must have surrendered to the finesse of their inner beta temperaments. The women, alpha females, must be strong in their personalities and in their behaviour, breaking like waves, not like porcelain.

Rewiring males into delightful Femme-males is the conscientious motivation for much of what I write. Neglecting or dismantling the symbols and the essence of their manhood arouses me. I know that the Femme-male experiences an intense psychological stimulation from the requirement to maintain her phallus soft and limp. True Femme-males neglect their penises, avoiding erections, regarding them as unflattering, even rude. Seminal fluids are released through slow drainage – prostate milking.

When a Femme-male is required to experience sexuality from a place of softness, it is actually possible for her to feel what it is like to be penetrated by her partner. Femme-males with soft cocks can learn how to ‘take’ their partners just like females. Learning to sustain limpness and/or losing the ability to get an erection will actually be a gift to her female or male partners, especially if it is seen as an opportunity to enhance cultivated femininity in the Femme-male. Ideally, manhood and masculinity are erased in her psyche. Even with hormone therapy and orchiectomies, males cannot wholly become female. In conduct, though, submitting to the subconscious realisation of their certain inferiority to the female, they can more fully intimate that desire.

I enjoy encouraging males of every orientation – straight, gay, and faggot – to make that essential foray into transgender, transsexual consciousness, whether or not they go all the way. I encourage them to try out sex as a Femme, and to develop that fundamental sexual fetish of the love of cock that a woman feels for cock. In relationships with women and men, Fem-males develop oral service to a degree of sublime expertise. Their tongues are their tools of penetration, both vaginally and anally. Their sissy-pussies, then, are available and eager for penetration by women, with strap-ons, and by men, with their natural cocks. 

Neglecting all maleness, and engaging her in chastity, encaged, can transform the dramatically alter the love-life of a couple. It is an enriching lifestyle that is, for both, pleasant and constructive. The superior woman or male-seigneur will control her sexuality, and should adopt a firm, unflinching attitude, not hesitating to outline unequivocally all that its expected for her, and how, precisely,  she can satisfy as a delightful Femme all the desires of her partner.

My concept of male-Femininity need not be threatened, or caused to falter, even under the constraints of daily life in an environment where her male identity is beyond question. Wearing makeup, having nails painted, and wearing stockings with a garter belt and lace panties, all pink, under a business-suit is not an obstacle to the execution of a job as a banker, a manager, a lawyer, or most other activities. The requirements can be adapted to personal circumstances, but always required, at least, in willing heart and mind, must be one’s undeniable acceptance of the transformation to femininity, to the fullest extent possible, the fullest extent openly revealed.

Stare at men’s cocks through their trousers; in the men’s room, as you stoke your limp clittie of a penis, watch them pee. If asked if you are gay, confess that you believe that you are. If asked to suck cock, why not? Do it. You will be glad you did. The courage and commitment of one person’s male-Femininity invites another to the threshold of the same transformation, through his, soon hers, titillation and desire.