Vahdam Assam

North Welsh, and a lifelong practitioner, connoisseur, and devotee of tea, having lived extensively in Asia, Africa, and Europe, and having visited India at length many times, Assam tea remains my favourite tea. The search for good tea is constant. By good, I mean balanced, strength, and all the aspects of tea which render its synaesthetic character perceivable and enjoyable – hue, fragrance, taste, even feel within the mouth. It is not a matter of cost, but of integrity.

In Vahdam Assam tea, has my quest for worthy Assam found realisation? Now, at every step of the way from the admiration of the packaging, to the seal of that packaging…to my first sight, smell, and feel of the dry tea leaves…to the brewing – the expectation, the wonder, the fulfilment…to the sipping, with and without heated whole raw milk… Now, tried again and again, and a third time…a new ritual created… Yes, unequivocally, I believe that Vahdam Assam tea is the best Assam I have had outside of India, and as good as any consumed there.

As integrity is wholeness, after the tea has been savoured, the tea leaves themselves, having rendered their sublime gift of tea, reveal the conservation of that wholeness, that fullness. Brilliant, as no other Assam I have ever brewed.

Finally, Vahdam’s awareness of ethical, humanitarian, and environmental concerns has not gone unnoticed, un-noted. In the world today, one must make the choice, the commitment to contribute to the greater good, or remain amongst those too complacent, too indifferent to care. Vahdam cares. Just as their tea is bliss, their commitment is glaring. 

Vahdam has my unreserved acclamation!