Though parents teach their children to be brave, they do so from cowardice, expecting through some miracle of destiny that in their children will be manifested the strengths that they as parents lack. Children need only be brought to the thresholds of their own understanding, that they may cross those thresholds to enter into the domains of their own exploration, their own discovery, their own governance, their own mastery.

If education does teach one to think for oneself – aloud – it has been for naught. All children know instinctively, intuitively, wherein lies the fulfilment of their destinies. They alone are capable, through self-determination, through self-advocation, to claim the unique birthrights of their inimitable, ineluctable fortunes. Their beliefs are their own. Their truths are their own. their magic is their own. Fearlessly, having weaned themselves from the misguidance of their parents, the spells they cast are also their own.