The flag

To Americans, born and raised, the American flag symbolises white supremacy, Aryan-Anglo-Saxon predominancy, Protestant fundamentalist evangelicalism, authoritarianism, capitalism, élitism, oligarchy, Trump, and all those who so senselessly, mindlessly, sycophantically support and follow him.

To American immigrants, the American flag symbolises, despite and still, refuge, freedom, opportunity, fairness, right.

To non-Americans, the American flag symbolises a dream forsaken, a promise forsworn, a treaty broken, flaunted chauvinism, brandished imbecility, squandered hope, misplaced faith, belief abandoned, a heroine betrayed, a disappointment, a laughing-stock, a misfortune, a pity, a pity, a shame, a tragedy…a once-great country spoiled beyond recognition by Trump and any and all who continue to grant him breath.