Through its own virulent self-determined adulteration, blighting, contamination, corruption, defilement, depravity, envenomation, infection, perversion, pollution, spoiling, tainting, warping – the malignancy emanating from Trump, president only of those, only to those, who dwell with him in his fanatical kingdom of folly, those who value wealth and its conservation above all else – the greater country of the States Once-United of America is in the throes of self-annihilation.

To mitigate the ravage of any misfortune, realising that not all are guilty, a force equal and opposite is essential to balance right with wrong.

Enter the Coronavirus, Covid-19, or, in reality, and more appropriately labelled and identified, Trump-bane-20, or TB-20.

It did not begin with Trump, of course, but may the malice that lifted him to power, the most pernicious anathema known yet to womankind and man, perish with him and his. May it end with Trump.

Poison is the only cure for poison. The curse, the retribution of the cosmos on the waste of protoplasm in its midst.