If I remind you of anyone else, in any way, then I am nothing to you, in any way. I will not be complemented. I will not be supplemented. I will be included among no others. If you cannot accept my aberrations, and believe in them as I believe in them, as the only truth I possess, then close the door. Despite all, because of all, forfeiting all, close the door. Close it now. Close it forever. Poet or sorcerer? Goddess and Muse. It was at your behest that I came. Now, if you have to look for me, I have already gone. Never let it be said I was untrue, I never found a home inside of you. Destiny may not be coerced, cajoled, or counted on. A vast surrender is my only strength. Where once she smiled, where once he bowed his head in reverence, devotedly – instead, a dark door closing endlessly.