Have you been forced into a corner? Or does your lethargy, your cowardice keep you there, cowering before an imaginary adversary, chimera of your own delusion. Unfurl yourself. Gird yourself. Hone your weapons, be they heart, mind, words or fists. Brandish all that you have to raise, to swing, to wield. Get off of the couch, get out of the corner.

Have you fenced yourself in, or have you been fenced in? Get off the damn fence. There is no truth on the fence. Take a side. Make a stand. Demonstrate at least that your heart and your mind are not fallow. The world has been poisoned. It is disintegrating. It is burning. Every government, every church, every organisation, every industry is complicit. No place is invulnerable; no place, safe.

The planet we share will itself succumb if a change in global behaviour is not sought, defended, enacted. As this may be denied only by those who wish to drown with the sinking ship, refusal to take action is a betrayal of humanity, a forsaking of the Earth. Rise against that authority. Mutiny. Rebǝl.