Fides Punica

As one approaches up the boulevard, virus-abandoned, nothing, no glimpse, no prelude, no feat of imagination can prepare one for the wonder of this fusion of shapes, projections, facets; every step forward confirming the last, delight upon delight upon delight; every promise, beckoning. This is contemporary as it should be, form and function coalesced; finesse and poise in every line, angle, surface, and texture; staggering is its generosity of space and light; contradiction in its weight and weightlessness, yet comforting, still, in the integrity of that confluence. A fastness heaven-bound, the threshold between then and now. Scarce, sparse, cowering, hiding, missing, gone – humanity.

She or he who is truly free blames no one.

There are only two tragedies in life – not getting what you want, and getting it. There is no remedy for not getting what you want; hence the tragedy of it. Getting it is only a tragedy in that the want will be gone forever, replaced by the need, first, then the insatiability, then the obsession.

Enter the virulent pandemic, the Coronavirus, Covid-19, into, upon, a world made toxic by man – an eventuality, a manifest destiny – not a tragedy, per se, except as it influences the health, the wealth, and the livelihood of nearly everyone across the globe.

Only in those most secluded places, amongst those most worthy of peoples, untainted by global mass indoctrination, mass capitulation, mass hysteria, is there yet harmlessness, does safety yet remain.

Whom does one blame?

Should you succumb, you have only yourself to blame. Should you perish, again, you have only yourself to blame.

Vulnerability is cultivated, either purposefully or carelessly. Sufficient vulnerability to invite a pernicious or even deadly intrusion into the body takes years, even a lifetime to nurture. Certainly, last minute precautions can be taken to discourage invasion, but those will likely merely tease both you and the virus with an impotent – No, no, no.

Everyone gets precisely what she or he deserves, both good and bad. Maybe one was born into a toxic country, like the States Once-United of America, where big business colludes with government to delude the public into compromising longterm health for immediate gratification. Despite and still, it is the individual responsibility of everyone to be the self-advocate regarding her or his health and well-being. Most supermarkets in the SOUA offer only bad choices, toxic choices; so all the more careful must one be to ensure that other choices are made.

All toxins are cumulative. The longer one favours foods that flatter taste but feed not, being but swollen insufficiencies swallowed as names of better things, the greater the accumulation of toxins in the body. When further intensified, exacerbated by environmental toxins, combined with the toxic effects of stress and anxiety, the body becomes an undeniable attraction to any and every other toxin passing by. Enter the coronavirus, or any other virus.

If one lives a toxic life, one dies a toxic death. All cancers are but the accumulation of toxins pushed over the edge by stress and anxiety. Are they hereditary? Does one live the same toxic life as one’s forebears?

As if the toxicity of everything else were not enough, Americans, and those unfortunates influenced by or subject to American bias or impact, seem unable to resist abuse of any and every other recreational toxin. All one needs is less. Contrarily, all Americans need is more.

There are of course those seeming unfortunates who apparently have no choice but the worst choice. These, too, though, having surrendered to mass indoctrination, mass hysteria, mass intoxication, really, also, have only themselves to blame for their mass poisoning, leading to mass vulnerability, to susceptibility to death by virus. Everyone has a sense for what is right and what is wrong. Poisoning oneself cannot be right.

The old are thought to be most vulnerable, but their vulnerability has just had longer to aggravate. Had they lived lives free of toxins, they would be no more vulnerable than the young; that is, not vulnerable at all. Diabetes, Type II, is but the body’s response to a life and a diet with too little exercise, too many toxic foods. So the young, too, though young, may be just as likely to contract and to die from the coronavirus as their parents and grandparents.

Unfortunately, if, following a lifetime of ignorance, recklessness, and self-indulgence, one now confronts the virus, one has only to prepare for the worst.

For those who have taken care of themselves, minding their healthfulness, this will be merely a bump in the road. The cockroach that finds your kitchen clean will hastily move next door to the neighbour.

Catastrophically, though, the majority is of the former persuasion; hence the imminent re-setting, re-tooling, re-calibrating of the entire world. Again, though, the healthy will prevail.

Fate may not be coerced, cajoled, or counted on. You will get what you have coming. A toxic death for a toxic life; or exemption, for a life well-lived.

Before you cast blame alone on your government, church, or community-at-large, blame yourself.


If it’s not broken, don’t fix it. If you can’t fix it, don’t break it.

Patriarchal religion has shattered the benignity, the harmony of earlier matricentral spiritualities. The church has bastardised Christianity, both Catholic and Protestant. American fundamentalist evangelicals have adulterated it again into a camouflaged version of fascism. The Communist Party wasted Communism. Democrats and Republicans in the United States have made a mockery of democracy. The United Nations, and globalisation, in general, is but a parody of unification. The European Union serves only the socio-economic interests of those already at socio-economic advantage; to hell with the smaller woman and man. The Jews, and their god of war, inspire the same in their neighbours. And philosophers rave on about how to fix it all.

The difference between religion and spirituality is simple. Instead of the self-glorifying temples and churches of religion, spirituality offers communion with the divine within the mind and heart alone. In place of the dogma of religion there are the precepts of spirituality. Replacing the hard-edged wounding reins of religious ideology, spirituality meditates upon that force, or power, outside of and greater than oneself, owing to its universality and eternality, through intellectual contemplation and cultivation of the mystical.

The mind is a pathological liar that insists either that things are better than they really are, or worse than they really are. Emotions are the contrivances of the mind falsely devised to embellish the lies, to intensify, to deepen, to heighten, to extend the delusion. The emotion predominant in the fallacies of the mind is fear, the response to an imagined threat, the most fundamental implement of tyranny in the subjugation of the masses.

Pagan is merely pre-Christian. Only amongst Christians does it have a censorious, condemnatory, derogatory meaning. There may be born-again Christians, but born-again pagans? Why borrow an appellation from the religion that has sought for centuries to deny and to destroy the validity of all pagan spirituality? Is that not tantamount to the small family-owned organic farm buying genetically modified seed and toxic chemical fertiliser from government subsidised industrial agriculture, then decrying the pollution of its fields? 

Many great minds and hearts have endeavoured to fix all that their antecedents broke. It is surely broken. Can it be fixed, though, through philosophy, through the mind at all? I would argue, no, it cannot. 


Capitalism is toxic. Democracy, in its current manifestation, toxic. The Abrahamic religions – all three of them – toxic. All governments, all parties, all unions, all unifications, toxic. American financial interests, as represented by Wall Street, toxic. Autocratic government-subsidised big business, big pharmaceuticals, big agriculture, and big energy, all at the expense of the people, the environment, the planet – toxic.

Immediate gratification, toxic. Consumption that flatters taste but feeds not – toxic. Embellishment that compliments ego but enhances not – toxic. Remedy that pledges cure only to mollify hypocrisy – toxic.

Intolerance, indifference, complacence, hatred, inequality, prejudice, discrimination – all toxic.

Stress and anxiety, and their crimes of desperation, brought on by the denial of life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness, by community, class, church, and state – toxic.

The domination and definition of value and values demanded and dictated by one gender, one race, one ethnicity, one sexual orientation, one party, one religion, one socio-economic class – toxic.

The Coronavirus, toxic, surely, but merely the frosting on a cake already putrid, fetid, lethal to every sense and perception.

For its epicentre, look to its source. To the extent that the world emulates the path of the misguided States Once-United of America, compromises its values to resemble those of the imprudent same, renders itself in closer proximity with the deluded same, again – the heart of all the above deceptions, as the unremitting vehemence of the the virus testifies – the States Once-United of America.

A reckoning is upon us all. The instrument of that judgement, punishment, retribution, damnation is viral, to be sure. That virus – greed, gluttony, insatiability, covetousness, selfishness. That which you do not have, you have no need of now. Still grasping that which is not yours to hold, to claim, to possess? Suffer, then, the ravages of your own malfeasance.

Despite and still, there is no need to panic, further submitting to the tyranny of a government and its supporters intent only upon the annihilation of all those not their own. Rest assured, only that which is yours to bear, will you be given to you to endure. In the end, there will be binding and accounting.

If nothing changes, nothing changes. It is not too late. Or maybe it is. The choice is yours. Choose to be now, or then; was, or is; here, or gone.


Visual acuity is thought to be perfect at 20/20. Apart from the formal ophthalmological definition of such, now in the year 2020, we confront a world seemingly devoid of vision, blinded by its own insatiability, its own self-delusion. All systems have failed – all governments, all formalised autocracies of faith, all socio-economic frameworks, networks, and organisations. The current coronavirus is but one manifestation of that toxic cacotopia.

From the mephitic anarchy of maladministration and its concomitant hysteria, an evolutionary escape will only ensure extinction. No temporarily corrective lens will restore sight to our visionless world. Rectification and rehabilitation of the fundamental philosophical, spiritual, and ethical macular degeneration of the current age will be achieved only through the thorough revolutionary overthrow and eradication of all present infrastructures of society.

Except for a discerning, enlightened few amongst those of middle age and older, the essential revolution will rest in the eyes, the hearts, and the hands of the young – those few astute and aware enough to have eluded the misguidance and deception of the generation of their parents.  An apocalypse is upon us, an uncovering. To see again, to correct visual acuity again to 20/20, the eyes, the vision, must be unmasked, unveiled, uncovered. Before the planet expires through the global warming induced by sight-impaired avarice, before the population of that planet expires again through the virus of wanton rapacity, let us rise up in mutiny, in revolt, in earnest.

Confronting the ineluctable virus, no one is inviolable, impregnable; no one protected, sacrosanct; no one hallowed, invulnerable. The less fortunate may appear more susceptible, their health and livelihoods seemingly more at risk, but they have no fear of losing wealth they never had. Unable to afford and to abuse with abandon those gratifications and amusements of the wealthy, their greatest danger is their submission the vast array of toxins sanctioned, promoted, and pushed by the government itself, in collusion with big business, industrialised agriculture, and unprincipled pharmaceutical giants. 

Debt, too, is encouraged, endorsed, underwritten by the government and its institutions. Submission to debt is perhaps more easily understood amongst those for whom there appears no other way to acquire by demand of society all that one wishes to acquire. Self-sufficiency is obsolete. Entitlement and dependence are now the norm. With lowered interest rates, in an effort to stabilise the markets, debt is less expensive, but the savings are illusory. Better the tragedy of not getting what you want. What you don’t have, you don’t need it now.

Those in control of everything, every decision and all its advantages and outcomes, to their benefit, of course, the one percent, the once-thought-invincible, they, too, join the masses confronting the consequences of the current global crisis. Added to their unique worries, to be sure, are concerns over their virtual wealth. Though wealthy by appearance, that wealth is encumbered, contingent, locked, inaccessible – a delusion of their own invention. To the tragedy of getting, his the added nuance of getting for real; and to that of not getting, that of the impending losses between delusion and reality. 

Capitalism in any guise will be the demise of mankind. Economic advantage, profit margin, individual and corporate wealth, stock markets, economic unions, global banking, debt brokers, ad nauseam – anything and everything that is tainted, poisoned by the rapacity of capitalism must be eradicated. Adam Smith, a Scot, a celebrity of the Scottish Enlightenment, and ‘father of capitalism’ – in sycophantic endorsement of  his Saxon masters and their hegemonic imperialism – chose economic supremacy over humanistic egalitarianism.

Capitalism has now brought us to the threshold of global disintegration. Capitalism is in fact the virus afflicting us all. The lesser virus, the coronavirus, is but a symptom of the greater disease of capitalism.

Proof of this lies alone in the reluctance of all capitalistic nations to pursue a vaccine aggressively, purposefully. Capitalism cares nothing for humanity, except as an hysterically deluded market. Concerned only with financial dominance within the network of those strategically positioned to benefit most significantly from the discovery, the development, the marketing, and the dispensation of a deterrent or a cure, capitalist government and industry merely protect their own immediate interests, while postponing definitive action ’til maximum advantage to them, to their financial empires, dictates the time and the place to strike.

And what is the alternative? Just as women feigning to be men, behaving as men, in obeisance to patriarchal Abrahamic dogma, irreparably deny their power, their strengths, their capabilities as women; so any supposed alternative to capitalism that is merely a guise of same, repudiates the cause and the nature of its creation.

The coronavirus, as a direct manifestation of capitalism, will undoubtedly provide clues as to how to proceed from here. It will take time to restore chaos from the fallacy of capitalism. It will then take more time for a new order to arise. Those of us who survive will likely be those of us who have the least to lose financially, materially. Whether or not any of the one-percent who deem themselves superior by vice of their wealth are among us will be determined by the extent to which they redistribute all that they have.

The death of capitalism will be the rebirth of humanity.

Ethically doomed long before it was economically condemned, the death of capitalism will be the rebirth of humanity. May the phoenix of awareness, of civilisation, of enlightenment rise anew from the ashes of ill-fated Sodom and Gomorrah!


How will you remember the Coronavirus, Covid-19, should you survive?  Good or bad, we all get exactly what we deserve, exactly when, how, and why we deserve it. In that way, universal balance is maintained. It is not about you, not at all. It is about your place in nature, in general, in the greater universe, in the continuum which is eternity.

Having taken this time of challenge to create new maps for the further unfolding of your life; having assessed the essential, and discarded the rest; having made the sacrifice of giving up, of abandoning long-practiced, long-loved, but also long-harmful dependencies, fixations, indulgences; you will be granted by destiny the liberty to continue until you encounter the next threshold of life-sustaining choice.

As everything around you changes, you cannot fail to change; not in accordance with anyone or anything else, precisely, but in acceptance of the throes, the rhythms, and the cycles of universal life. Dare you defy evolution – that force outside of and greater than any force or power you possess of your own? How dare you? Every church, every state, every society, every norm, every expectation – all man-made – must cede to the greater law of the fateful, the universal, the eternal. Nature will prevail. It has no other choice.

Covid-19 is just one further twist and turn along the way, along that purposely unfolding path between freedom and responsibility, whimsy and fancy, now and then.

Covid-19 has been given to us by destiny, by evolution, in retribution, in the promise of change to something better; something naturally altered to eradicate the poison that has been artificially inculcated, indoctrinated, infused all there is today. When it is time for the virus to leave us – those of us karmically fit to continue – it will leave of its own, its mission fulfilled, and we shall be free to pursue the new paths we have chosen.

Hold on to the old, and you will perish. A time of judgement is upon us. Just as the library is now obsolete, so is the church. Of course, we will continue to read, just as we will continue to believe, to worship, to pray; but through the books in our hands, in churches not made with hands. History lies. Why sanctify those lies in libraries? The church lies. Why consecrate those lies in churches built to separate women and men from direct, personal cultivation of relationships with the universal, the eternal, with nature and with the divine, however perceived?

The destinies of all of humanity are commingled. The blood in our veins is shared. You have some blood that is mine, but that I have never known. I have some blood that is yours, but that you have never known. Yours is mine; mine, is yours.

Let us accept this newest challenge with gratitude, with vigour, with determination.


Americans, when you vote in November, remember the cacodæmon, the enemy, Mephistopheles, the virus, personified – Donald Trump.

Vote the continued Curse, or vote the Redemption.


Welcome to The Purge.