Why not move on to the next big thing, indeed? Why drink Coca-Cola? Why eat Campbell’s soup? Why use any of the tired, old, chemically engineered, chemically toxic, iconic American products? Why continue with artificial flavours and artificial colours? Why continue with artificial preservatives? Why continue with hydrogenated oil and high fructose corn syrup? Why continue with homogenisation and pasturisation? Why continue with artificial sweeteners, artificial butter, artificial anything? Why eat foods which flatter taste but feed not, swollen insufficiencies swallowed as names of better things? Why fucking vanilla when you can have chocolate?

Why continue to modify foods genetically for the commercial gain of government subsidised monster agriculture? Why is the States no-longer-United of America the only country in the world where corn and soy, in all their chemically contrived manifestations, may be found in everything? Why? Because Americans as a whole are duped. Popularity assures the lowest common denominator, the widest appeal, the most thorough hysteria, the most lethal contamination – always. Why Walmart, without a single healthy choice of anything?

Why poison your own people? Why deny their livelihoods in favour of less expensive goods from abroad? Why is the States Once-United of America no longer a country, but an industry? Why is money its god? Why does the church also support that god? Why arm a misguided populace to kill its neighbours? Why encourage every manner of illness, claiming its uncontrollability, its incurability, so that the pharmaceutical industry, again in collusion with government, can delude the people into cowering impotence? Why debt brokers, pimps of insolvency, pushing the whores of governmental manipulation, to Johns and Janes, convinced, again by government, of the self-satisfying virtue of immediate gratification. Why…?

The coronavirus has the answer to all of the above – Live a toxic life, die a toxic death.