Astrologically, I am a Water Snake. When provoked to act, I strike to kill. It is a reflex, nearly involuntary, a snapping of the conscious mind, releasing an unconscious instinct, devoid of conscience, unaware of risk, heedless of conclusion, again, requiring little effort, and less energy. Until such provocation, loathing remains a matter of principle, of belief; the strongest disfavour for that which is fundamentally, essentially, contrary to  my individual, personal constitution, disposition, and temperament.

Creative expression is impeded by the definitions of others, the conventions of others, the expectations of others, and the fear of judgement, of disappointment, of censure, should these constraints be eluded or ignored.

Only the aberrant have the courage to rebel, to stand outside the law, to stand alone. Alone, their erudition, their audacity, their liberality, and their self-sacrifice are unrestrained, unbounded by the identifications and the mores of those who must submit to belong, because association and attachment alone ensure their survival.

The most courageous act is to think for oneself – aloud – to disembroil oneself from the ravelled, choking maze of caution. Cowardice stifles brilliance. Be brave. Cowardice mutes the voice of candour. Be truthful. Cowardice refuses to act. Act. Rebǝl. Find what you love, and die for it – if it does not kill you first. Diverge.