Nation – damned or incarnate

There is nothing that I meant to convey, that I should have conveyed, but did not; hence these words ensuing.

Thomas Jefferson wrote originally – When people fear their government, there is tyranny; when government fears its people, there is liberty.

To Americans, born and raised, the American flag symbolises white supremacy, Aryan-Anglo-Saxon predominancy, Protestant fundamentalist evangelicalism, authoritarianism, capitalism, élitism, oligarchy, Trump, and all those who so senselessly, mindlessly, sycophantically support and follow him.

To American immigrants, the American flag symbolises, despite and still, refuge, freedom, opportunity, fairness, right.

To non-Americans, the American flag symbolises a dream forsaken, a promise forsworn, a treaty broken, flaunted chauvinism, brandished imbecility, squandered hope, misplaced faith, belief abandoned, a heroine betrayed, a disappointment, a laughing-stock, a misfortune, a pity, a shame, a tragedy…a once-great country spoiled beyond recognition by Trump and any and all who continue to grant him breath.

I am at war with the current regime of the States Once-United of America. I do not presume here that my voice will be heard except by those comrades-in-arms similarly committed. Despite and still, in the name of principle, in the name of a liberty that perhaps would exist if fear did not so dominate, I must speak up and out against the relentless intolerable tyrannical passive-aggressive abuse of Trump, waste of protoplasm, invigilator-from-hell, redneck-whitetrash-billionaire, who revels in the discomfort, the anguish he inflicts upon others – others, not merely his unfortunate subordinates, but on her, on him, there only for his sadistic amusement, to Trump, all inferior – as if another existed as contemptible, as dishonourable, as depraved, as Trump himself.

Amongst the lower ranks, the common woman and man, who must bow to this despotism, the name of Trump gives rise to a distaste so virulent, involuntary expectoration must be swallowed, leaving only quiet curses audibly shared with sympathetic ears when Trump and his suck-hole panderers are too distant to hear.

To his sycophantic minions, however, Trump is king of his dominion, of their domain of imbecility. Some of the best words in the English language describe this relationship – together with cringing, fawning, growelling, obsequious, parasitical, servile. To those pulling his strings behind the scenes, benefitting, of course, from all the shit slung by their merely ill-behaved pet mutt, Trump either deflects all notice of his ruthlessness,  or brandishes it, freeing him to wield his authoritarian will against those subservient to him.

Reason has no place in an organisation so deluded. Submit, obey, publicly surrender all decency, all dignity, all honour, as you flatter his ego in passive resignation.

To hell with the liars, the haters, the bigots. To heaven with those born magnanimous of heart, generous of spirit, open of mind. To hell with the self-seeking, the self-serving,  the self-aggrandising. To heaven with the righteous – the just, good, tolerant, compassionate, virtuous, worthy, honourable, fair, ethical, equitable, honest. To hell with Trump, and with all who support and follow him, in complicity or in asininity. To heaven with the aberrant, the outlaws, the rebels, with all those who fight fearlessly for right. To hell, with heaven. Trump prevailing. Fear triumphant. To heaven, with hell. Trump vanquished, annihilated, extinguished. Heaven is but truth attained; hell is but truth denied.

Trump, in his torturous, reckless cretinism, is himself a caricature so perverse, he is the very personification of all that is most uncultivated, uncivilised, unenlightened, unrefined, unsophisticated, decaying in the bowels of the American public, made ever more toxic by the virulent absurdity however espoused by and through his fundamentalist, fascist, right-wing party and its constituency, its waste-of-protoplasm at the helm.

Should sense ever return to power, when brilliance defies cowardice, when domestic fascism again is no longer endured, the masses, done, again, at last, with indoctrination, with hysteria, unable to bear any longer the insufferable bullying of Trump, maybe, in enlightenment, refuting at last his fanatical fantasies, granting right where right is due, then, order and harmony will return to the lives of the majority of well intended, able-minded, good-hearted souls yet abiding in the currently calamitous States Once-United, uniting them anew.