Good fortune is a spear pointed at your face. Bad fortune is a spear pointed at your back.

Regardless of motivation, however guileless or guilty, this is at best foolishness, at worst, sabotage. Between these two extremes lie naïveté, manipulation, exploitation.

Acquiescence seems inappropriate here. How long has it taken – given unrestricted license and liberty to perform, with only the faintest glimmerings of performance forthcoming – that you might assume long-awaited command of this precarious dilemma? Then, now, despite and still, only to surrender that authority on a whim; further, perhaps, ultimately, only to find yourself again vanquished. 

Whatever you may claim to be chastisement, or judgement, here, is not, in fact. It is merely my effort – in response to conscience, to compassion, and to the fiduciary relationship I hold with you, bound under promise – to protect your interests.

Indeed, there is a spear pointed at your face. It is mine, and it brings good fortune. There is also, unfortunately, a knife at your back. Beware.