Election Eve

Visual acuity is thought to be perfect at 20/20. Apart from the formal ophthalmological definition of such, now in the year 2020, we confront a world seemingly devoid of vision, blinded by its own insatiability, its own self-delusion. All systems have failed – all governments, all formalized autocracies of faith, all socio-economic frameworks, networks, and organizations. The current coronavirus is but one manifestation of that toxic cacotopia.

From the mephitic anarchy of mal-administration and its concomitant hysteria, an evolutionary escape will only ensure extinction. No temporarily corrective lens will restore sight to our visionless world. Rectification and rehabilitation of the fundamental philosophical, spiritual, and ethical macular degeneration of the current age will be achieved only through the thorough revolutionary overthrow and eradication of all present infrastructures of society.

Except for a discerning, enlightened few amongst those of middle age and older, the essential revolution will rest in the eyes, the hearts, and the hands of the young – those few astute and aware enough to have eluded the misguidance and deception of the generation of their parents.  An apocalypse is upon us, an uncovering. To see again, to correct visual acuity again to 20/20, the eyes, the vision, must be unmasked, unveiled, uncovered. Before the planet expires through the global warming induced by sight-impaired avarice, before the population of that planet expires again through the virus of wanton rapacity, let us rise up in mutiny, in revolt, in earnest.

Evolution – revolution – deconstruction – construction.

Cease, to begin anew.