History is made up of fragments and absences. What is left out is as significant as what is included.

History tells but its own self-congratulatory truth. Shame for the shameless is futile. What, then? How may wrong realise the rage of right, the fury of the sensible, the retribution of all humanity, heaven, and earth?

Evolutionary cycles initiate eventual change, evolving through generations, consummation bringing fecundity, harvest, swinging then again to sterility, then dormancy.

Meanwhile, it appears, as merely one year supervenes the next, wrong is embellished, right, diminished. Wrong is not given to overtake right, but edges ever closer to that seemingly looming conclusion. Humanity itself, having fashioned its god in its image, fallaciously presuming a place above nature, is the anathema. The rest of nature remains obedient, expedient to the rules and to the whims of Nature, that which alone is universal, eternal. Sanctimonious man, too full of himself simply to endure unto perpetuation, creates its own concentric orbits of self-aggrandisement, self-annihilation. Witness, the world today.

The coronavirus is merely the current manifestation of the greater sickness of the world. Though the culprits are many, the States Once-United of America, under its current leadership, especially, undeniably predominates. Proof of this lies simply in what may be easily observed – Live a toxic life, die a toxic death. The SOUA has poisoned itself. Where other nations must battle with a biological pathogen, certainly in the end to find a defence; the SOUA battles the inhumanity, the socio-economic belligerence, the religious fundamentalism within itself, native to itself. There is no intrusive, invasive element here; there is the self-destructive, self-annihilating civil war between right and wrong. To its very core, it is putrid with hatred; its Heartland, now its Hateland.

The threat itself of warring factions, pro-dictator, loud and vocal, with their despot at the helm; and anti-dictator, timorous and silent, living on hope rather than courage. Fear dominates both. The former, in apprehension of losing their champion of white Anglo-Saxon Protestant supremacy, his puppeteers amongst the rich and powerful Republican elite, and his followers amongst the duped, misguided fundamentalist extreme; and the latter, knowing full well that reason is not a weapon against the ignorant, believing that the senseless will eventually come to their senses.

The counting of days, weeks, even months, is futile. The least toxic of nations, those nations once victims of capitalistic expansionism, imperialism, and exploitation – nations, quarry, seemingly, of the caprice of history, of geography, of anthropological nuance – may through karmic retribution be spared virulent perpetuity. No count of days, however, will be long enough for those nations whose karmic debt demands greater suffering, greater loss of life, than the sum total of their atrocities committed. It is not necessarily that the fate of a nation is the fate of its people, but acquiescence is compliance. Everyone will get exactly what she or he deserves, both good and bad. Again, live a toxic life, die a toxic death.

Were you weary of Limbo? Get off the fence, for now we descend into the other eight circles of hell. The Coronavirus will take its ineluctable toll, as fitting. The healthy, the righteous, the tolerant, the compassionate, the humanitarian, the wholesome, will survive. Meanwhile, back in the States Once-United of America – either sleeping or siding with the enemy, or fighting him and his – Lust, Gluttony, Greed, Anger, Heresy, Violence, Fraud, and Treachery will continue ’til hatred is quelled, ’til the voices of autocracy, of aristocracy, of oligarchy, of socio-economic privilege, of blinded sycophantic white Anglo-Saxon Protestant supremacy, and the the breath and blood which brought them forth, are extinguished.

As a human-simply-being, how to break free of the pernicious cycle of self-exaltation, to resume anew her or his only true place within the greater universe? Any statement of intent, of will, or promise, three-times-spoken, becomes either vow or curse.  

Curses, accompanied by spit in the face, knees to the balls, but humiliate, but pinch, but sting.  What, then? Damning to hell? Mere folly. Hell is but that place where truth is forbidden; wrong, its patron, its harlequin.  Still pondering? How does wrong prevail upon right to comply? To those who offend proponents of fundamentalist evangelicalism, forced confession of perceived infringement as prelude, then torture, then death. Devoid of honour, unworthy to be cast among the most abhorrent of criminals, why does the charade continue? Give them what they deserve, without remission, without sympathy, without remorse – wherever, and in whatever form and configuration, autocracy exists. Take no prisoners.

The ‘old world’, in general, is congenial in pleasure and scrupulous in praise. The pleasure is a whim of the time, as the time is young; and the praise is a boast of the time, as the time is old. There are young times and old times, and no time young but old also, and no time old but young also. They who delight are the children of themselves, and they who judge are the parents of themselves. The pleasure is a mischief; the praise, a rebuke. All are divided between wildness and wiseness.

Harmony arises upon a foundation of history and of tradition strong enough to support and to sustain upon that foundation, new vision, renewed courage, and innovative growth. It is unlikely that any loftiness, any majesty, any nobility, any sanctity, any solemnity, any stateliness, would have such fragile conceit as to be in any way offended by those who question, by those who disbelieve, by those who rebel. 

Defiance is most striking where least expected. To penetrate such widespread malaise, ennui, complacence, discontent, indifference, cowardice, it is imperative to shock. All that is popular must be overridden.  Where there is no viable culture, the only valid exercise of revolt is the overthrow of the pseudo-cultures claiming dominance; the only substantial expression of discontent is the overturning of the current regime.

Hold on to the old, and you will perish. A time of vindication is upon us. Current justice is mockery, parody. Just as the library is now obsolete, so is the church. Of course, we will continue to read, just as we will continue to believe, to worship, to pray; but through the books in our hands, in churches not made with hands. History lies. Why sanctify those lies in libraries? The church lies. Why consecrate those lies in churches built to separate women and men from direct, personal cultivation of relationships with the universal, the eternal, with nature and with the divine, however perceived?

Welcome to 2021. Congratulations if you have made it this far. We have waited too long.