White Anglo-Saxon Protestant fundamentalist supremacy has declared war upon the all other factions of American society.

Justice is fallacy. Reason falls upon fallow ground. Just as history has lied, again, it will lie. Cowardice is acquiescence. Silence is compliance.  Get off the fucking fence. This is a call to arms. Defend your country against the terror of Trump.

Under siege by Covid-19, civil war avails itself of but a further degree of fear, compounding weakness in the vulnerable, those beguiled by their illusory sense of security, either in the power of money and influence to conceal abuse, or in the power of government to shelter from abuse. As a country already toxic – in lifestyle, in habits, in beliefs, in prejudices – toxic death is assured, now expedited by the maniacal fascism of Trump. Its foundations fragile –white Anglo-Saxon Protestant supremacy, supported ubiquitously, by state, church, industry, money, education – the States Once-United of America, never great, though so aspiring, must choose to be not then, nor now, but new, again.

A revolution has begun. If nothing changes, nothing changes. Trump is the counter-revolutionary, the  antichrist, the iconolater, every other god forsworn, himself the icon. As all fascists, he benefits only from the status quo; so all currents of discontent must be agitated, disrupted, quelled. His greatest ally, not intelligence, certainly, not reason, but fear. His tyranny lies in the creation of an artificial threat, against which he promises his protection, the population begging for it own enslavement. In his megalomania, Trump is but the figurehead of the even more portentous enemy, greed, as espoused by capitalism, by Christianity, in its current guise, by the sum total of all that presumes to elevate the States Once-United of America above any or every other nation. Intoxicated in the delusion induced by American state, church, and myth, the American public, defying all sense of right and balance, swallows its tongue, turns a blind eye, ceases to touch, to feel. Only the most infamous of history’s most foul revel in their graves at the rise of Trump. Yet Trump prevails. Why? How? Who will stop him? A coward, leading cowards. An imbecile, leading imbeciles. Fear, leading the fearful.

Any knock at any door might be the last knock heard by its inhabitants – the knock that brings your death, the death of your family. This is war. If you are not amongst Trump’s deceived, you are their enemy; they are your enemy. Chaos begets chaos, violence inspires violence. This is war. History lies. The church lies. Trump lies. American democracy deprives all but white Anglo-Saxon Protestant supremacists of life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness. To fundamentalist evangelical hell with the rest. In remaining still, quiet, amidst the turmoil, you are making a confession of disloyalty to all you truly believe, refusing to act in misguided self-shielding, cowering in the corners of your own captivity, holding on to that which you never really had. The only other choice is rebellion. The only other choice is war. 

In every American city and town, there is an underground group of Trumpian fascists planning its next act of violence. What are you doing in preparation for the next attack? Will you wait for that knock at your door? Will you even venture out, fearful of the bullet that will meet you on your way to work, or at work, or at the grocery store, your spouses and children accompanying?

This is war. Fight back – offensively, not defensively. Get off the fucking fence, or your life will end on the side on which you fall to your death, a bullet in your heart, in your head.

Sūnzĭ 孙子 (Sun Tzu), 545-470 bce, Chinese military strategist, philosopher, and author of the ‘Art of War’, wrote, ‘Know the enemy and know yourself, in a thousand battles, you will never be in peril. If ignorant of your enemy but know yourself, your chances of winning and losing are equal. If ignorant both of your enemy and of yourself, you will forever be in peril.’

Trump is the enemy. His supporters and followers are the enemy. Defend your land. Restore the States Once-United of America to the States Reunited Again.