Throughout the world, throughout history, the minority of the rich and the powerful need only persuade – through merely the command of suggestion, through the tyranny of mass indoctrination, mass hysteria – the majority of the lowest common denominator, the lowest to the middle classes – the peasantry, the white trash, the proletariat, the bureaucracy, the materialistic, capitalistic bourgeoisie – of their dominance, their supremacy over any and every differing population, of any and every differing configuration of belief, orientation, and preference, and the imagined threat of that dissimilar population – and the entirety of that lowest common denominator will pledge its blinded, deluded loyalty – the least of virtues – forswearing all other allegiances, all other principles, all other promises – their time, their money, their hearts, minds, and souls.

Prejudice – solely the un-natural, inhumane creation of the rich and the powerful, reliant upon the masses to tranquilise their cowardice, brilliant but in their deception, that they might ensure in conservative myopia, dominion over all that they presume to possess.