Not yours to keep

Never get too attached to something that is not yours. Love knows no possession. Love is but a constant wish, a continual determination, an indefatigable effort to ensure that the one you love may experience the ultimate good as fully as it may be obtained.

If it is not yours, your attraction to it should be in complement only. If it is not yours, reach for it only in appreciation, never in grasping. If it is not yours, hold it only with open hands, open arms, never clinging. If it is not yours, any attachment to it, however deep, will be but temporary. If it is not yours to possess, it is not yours to set free, nor is it yours to call back.

May your reach ever exceed your grasp. If you reach, striving not to grasp, embrace, desiring not to cling, everything you touch will open unto you, to rest, to linger, as remain as long as your destinies – fleetingly or enduringly – allow.

The one who really loves you is not the one who sees you every day as known, predictable, merely parenthetically, tacitly, unconsciously there; but the one who looks for you every day, unable to fathom the mystery of you, unable to decipher the magic of you, unwilling to imagine your absence.