Not white, but right

If justice is illusory, if retribution is travesty, if righteousness is equivocated, wherein lies reckoning. Criminals cannot be brought to justice if justice is but hypocrisy. Victims may not avenged if their perpetrators elude castigation. Right will never be right if only the voice of wrong is heard. Whatever happened to ‘an eye for an eye, a tooth for a tooth’? Christianity did away with that. All iniquity is equal in the eyes of its god. Better to ‘turn the other cheek’ than to render justness where rectitude is due. Rather than granting the victims their rightful impunity in seeking reprisal, the miscreants instead are gifted prolonged leisure to misbehave as mere naughty boys, only their hands slapped for brutal murder.

The American justice system will do nothing to punish the perpetrators and the abettors of murders in the name of white rule. If you are awaiting that fallacy, turning a blind eye to reality, you become yourself an accomplice to the murders. The crime is not white unless you as a white fail to condemn it, unless you as a white fail to join the fight for its rightful retribution. Everyone must take a side. That is how wars are fought. Or do you prefer to refer to this as something other than a war? The last time that was done, and the time before that, and the time before that, the enemy won. Why and how was Trump, president? Because the enemy won. Why do the Republicans still hold power? Because the enemy won. Why has fundamentalist evangelicalism infected, as a most pernicious disease, the moral sense of the American public? Because the enemy won.

Were you weary of Limbo – the first circle of hell? Get off the fence, for now we descend into its other eight circles. The Coronavirus has and will take its ineluctable toll, as fitting. The healthy, the righteous, the tolerant, the compassionate, the humanitarian, the wholesome, will survive. Meanwhile, back in the States Once-United of America – either sleeping or siding with the enemy, or fighting her or hers, him and his – Lust, Gluttony, Greed, Anger, Heresy, Violence, Fraud, and Treachery will continue ’til hatred is quelled, ’til the voices of autocracy, of aristocracy, of oligarchy, of socio-economic privilege, of blinded sycophantic white Anglo-Saxon Protestant supremacy, and the breath and blood which brought them forth, are extinguished.

You could be brilliant, but you are a coward. Rebǝl! Against all wrong, be not white, but right.