Vernally transparent

And you thought you knew me…

My art, if I may, is hyper-subjective, shunning objective interpretation. As vantage point determines perception, perception determines belief, and belief determines reality,  my art strives both to remind you of nothing else, and to lead you to a familiar place in your own experience.

Did you ever look deeply into my eyes of slate blue; my layers, dense, enduring, suitable for roofs, for floors, for words; my edges, sharp, cutting, suitable for tools, for weapons? Have you placed your open palm upon my heart, stronger than my hands, more resolute than your persuasion?

Have you not wondered at my quiet intensity, my intelligent sensitivity? It has been there all along, a lifetime of internalisation, of observation, of tolerance, of compassion; never averting my glance, my gaze, my wonder. Yet on a list of thoughts or feelings out of fear or shame not proclaimed – Nil!

This is not a confession. I am guilty of nothing. Though I like tight places, I have never been in the closet. I venture here, not out, but beyond. Having disembroiled myself from the ravelled, choking maze of caution, this is I, an I who mine is, for the courage no other to be, if not danger’s self.

I will not take candy from anyone who will not take candy from anyone. What is your preference, cake or pie? Yes, please, with lots of cream. It is okay to say, ‘No’. It is also okay to say, ‘Yes’. Do not say, ‘Maybe’. If the choice is between two evils, choose the one never tried before.

The moment you now refuse, you will never see in your life again.