People go, they leave; destiny calls them elsewhere. Even longer than the memories of their being there will remain the memory of how they left.

If you have to look for me, I have already gone. Never let it be said I was untrue, I never found a home inside of you. Destiny may not be coerced, cajoled, or counted on. A vast surrender is my only strength.

When presented with easy and with difficult, I choose difficult. If anyone can have it, I refuse it. If anyone can do it, I forbear. If everyone thinks it, I think differently. If everyone wants it, I deny it. If the choice is between two evils, I choose the one left yet to try.

The moment now refused will never be seen in my life again. Surely, the angels only pause in their vigilance when I smile, when upon the command of fate I am prevailed upon to move, when I know in my heart that they await me at another latitude, another clime.

Courage, movement, laughter, love. All else is but frill, lace, superfluity, trim.

Some people chose your path and changed their whole direction.