There is no good and bad, just balance and imbalance. Ironically, that balance is not purely symmetrical, but in the ratio of 1:1.618. It is in that discrepancy wherein lies beauty.

The perfect may be the enemy of the good, but good lies somewhere between obsession and mediocrity.

Good is good enough for the good enough, but not nearly good enough for the obsessed.

Right or wrong, good or bad – however definite, however accepted – may be debated, disputed, disclaimed. Balance and imbalance, both, are undeniable – tendencies or strivings toward or away from equilibrium.

Design may liberate function; function fulfil design. At best, in form, function is redeemed; in function, form is fulfilled. Should form coerce function, function is distorted. Should function compel form, form is encumbered.

Beauty is never perfect, Beauty is the scent of roses, the thorns of roses, the death of roses, the second flush

of rosebuds. Beauty may defy both form and function; both function and form may defy beauty. Underlying all contradiction, though, is fascination, infatuation, fixation, mania . . . obsession.

The extremes, either side of balance – at one extremity, freedom, at the other, responsibility. Not one obsession, but two.

Fashion : Most striking where least expected.

To penetrate the widespread malaise, ennui, complacence, discontent, indifference, it is imperative to shock. It is from this endeavour that fashion emerges.

Obsession manifest.