Nothing changes, if nothing changes. With but one lifetime to live, I, for one, have not the leisure to await evolution’s gradual righting of wrongs, however the certainly of that eventuality, nor less the temperament of acquiescence to endure unto that future ever future.

It is not possible for wars of liberty to be fought and won without a vengeance that knows no cowering, no hesitation, no mercy.

Braving all-risk, with hushed step, perhaps, yet mind rattling veteran armouries, imperceptible my shouts, piercing my whispers, unfaltering, in ardour, in fury, enraged, it is revolution I wage, the enemy to quell, wrong to be made right.

We once had a sign for peace. We fought for it then. We did. I did. Paris, May, 1968. Not on behalf of any government, church, group or organisation, but for the greater good, for the greater number, in defence of our common humanity, against American imperialism. We must fight again, against American fascism. Liberty is never given. It must be taken. It must be won in battle.