Will to live

Destiny may not be coerced, cajoled, or counted on. Before I was abandoned at age seven, I ran away from home several times. I grew up on the streets, surviving, exchanging favours for favours, all consensual. I never felt entitled. I did well in school. I stayed out of foster care. Long story, short, I made it. This lovely woman has made it, too, will make it, too, or not. I wish her courage. Life is not fair. Those who are truly free, blame no one. A vast surrender is our only strength. We make it through, because we have no other choice. Life does not give itself to one who tries to keep all of its advantages at once. I was not, am not, to be pitied; nor is she. We are both the soft underbelly of humanity, its invincible outer armour, its heart, stronger than any hands, its wings, its angels, and its curses.