How can a country, still so young, so recklessly, so violently, so ineluctably, speed with such determination towards self-annihilation?

Why drink Coca-Cola? Why eat Campbell’s soup? Why use any of the tired, old, chemically engineered, chemically toxic, iconic American products? Why eat foods which flatter taste but feed not, swollen insufficiencies swallowed as names of better things?

Why? Because Americans as a whole are duped – not victims, but fools. Popularity assures the lowest common denominator, the widest appeal, the most thorough hysteria, the most lethal contamination – always. Why is health regarded merely as the least painful path towards the most expeditious death?

Why poison your own people? Why deny the livelihoods of the masses in service and in favour of the satiety of the inhumane minority? Why is the States Once-United of America no longer a country, but a gluttony of self-righteous entitlement? Why is money its creed, its god? Why does fundamentalist evangelicalism proselytise that false god? Why arm a misguided populace to kill its neighbours?

Why encourage every manner of illness, claiming its uncontrollability, its incurability, so that the pharmaceutical industry – in collusion with the rich and the powerful, in command of government and industry – can delude the people into cowering impotence?

Why debt brokers, pimps of insolvency, pushing the whores of white supremacist manipulation, to Johns and Janes, convinced, again by those pulling the strings of government and industry, of the self-satisfying virtue of immediate gratification?

Why…? How…?

The coronavirus – Covid-19, Omicron,  and all its future variants – has the answer to all of the above.

Rest assured, everyone will get precisely what she or he deserves. So you fell for the wrong despot, you sided with the wrong party, you worshipped at the wrong church…? Too bad, so sad. Ignorance will be no excuse. Nor will there be any pity except from those likewise misled.

Live a toxic life, die a toxic death.