Tomato soup – for the unimaginative, the indolent, the unfortunate – just like grandma used to make, but she did not poison it. You know the one – the tired, old American brand.

Ingredients: Tomato puree (water of questionable origin, tomato paste made from genetically modified tomatoes, cultivated with toxic fertilisers and pesticides), high fructose corn syrup (toxic genetically modified corn derivative, long outlawed in much of the civilised world), wheat flour (from genetically modified wheat, in use only the US, and in those nations compelled by misfortune to use American products), water (again of dubious origin, certainly distilled, i.e., not pure), salt (but not sodium chloride, table salt, but from some other toxic combination of chemicals rendered a substitute for table salt), flavouring (toxic chemical concoctions, the names of which are too horrifying to mention, endorsed, still, by the FDA, as assurances that the ignorant American public will get its required daily dose of toxins, sufficient to keep it stupefied, compromised, and more easily manipulated), citric acid (of uncertain origin, but certainly not benign), reduced sodium natural sea salt (i.e., processed [why the other pseudo salt, then]), ascorbic acid (vitamin C [a preservative], origin not identified), mono-potassium phosphate (fertiliser, food additive [yet another source of toxins sanctioned by the FDA], fungicide).

Yet another spurious American food that flatters taste but feeds not.