The following, in four parts, successively, is the transcription of a dream. Not a confession, nor a fantasy, nor a reality; yet, nor is it but a frivolous sally into the realm of what many will deem pornography.

I dream vividly. I recall my dreams in synaesthetic detail. Upon awakening, dreams that have yet to conclude naturally are consciously married on to their completion – distracting somewhat from other realities more current, perhaps, but no less pressing.

A pornographic portrait or portrayal is not a likeness; it is an interpretation. The moment an emotion or fact is transformed into pornography, it is no longer a fact, but an opinion. There is no such thing as inaccuracy in pornography. All pornography is accurate. None of it, however, is the truth. Objective truth and reality are, then, essentially, less certain than any subjective deciphering. Hence the essential necessity of rendering one’s sexual fantasies, however degenerate, realities.

All that you deny, because you lack the courage to accept it; all that offends, because it tempts; all that angers, because it controls; all that you refuse to see, to hear, to touch, to taste; all that you slander, abuse, loathe, abhor, and despise; all of this will defeat or destroy you in the end. No one should be held to blame, censured, for the lies others live. Between hypocrisy and truth, there is tolerance. All that you at first find objectionable, repellent, painful, vile, when observed with an open heart and mind, may be transformed into, lead or open onto, a source of wonder, beauty, joy, and fulfilment. Life does not give itself to one who tries to keep all of its advantages at once. Live it now, or lose it forever. It is better to be hated for who you are, than to be loved for who you are not.

All craving is real; its fulfilment, the natural order of the universe. When choosing between two evils, choose always the one yet to try. Temptation should be the only thing you cannot refuse. A vast surrender to that seduction, your only strength.

Just because you are offended, does not mean you are right. In offending, I am not inferentially wrong.

磬矶, Part One

I woke up to go to the bathroom. Walking through the hall, under the door at the end of the hall, I saw the glow of the light from your bedroom.

After using the bathroom, I went into your room. As always, ever since you were younger, you always fell asleep with your light on, your television on, and, as always, you had kicked your covers off the bed and onto the floor.

I grabbed the remote from your dresser, and turned off the television. As I walked over to your bed, and bent over to pick up your blanket from the floor, just as my fingertips reached the blanket, my eyes flitted from the blanket to the spectacle of your butt and your pussy, hugged tightly by your plain white cotton panties.

You were turned on your side, your butt sticking out, your hands tucked under your head as you slept. I gulped, realising how close I was to the butt and to the pussy of the daughter of my best friend. He and I had known one another since college, and I had witnessed you growing up, from your earliest days until now. I froze, staring for too long, much longer than I should have. I should have been more restrained. I should have looked away. My fingers tightened around the blanket as I licked my lips, still staring. My eyes travelling up, my head peeking up over you, to linger on your still sleeping face.

I kneeled down slowly and stayed there, looking at your butt, looking at your pussy lips, and the thin line the fabric made between them. I could smell you – not only the smell of your sleeping, emanating from your nose and your mouth as you breathed, but the smell of your butt crack, your butthole, your pussy.

‘Oh 磬矶,’ I shook my head, as if blaming you for falling asleep in your own bedroom in your panties and tank top; as if blaming you for the dirty thoughts that had started to go through my mind. The thoughts of wanting to see under your panties, and, yes, the thought of fucking you. My mind skipped dramatically, straight to fucking you. I groaned. How tight you must be, I thought, having never known for you to have had a boyfriend. I was pretty sure you were a virgin, and the thought of fucking you, of gently but determinedly breaking your virginity, made me hard. It made me even harder thinking about how inappropriate it was of me to imagine taking your virginity. I could be your father.

I licked my lips again and raised my hand up slowly, sticking one finger out, placing it ever so gently on the thin line of fabric between your pussy lips, I traced it ever so gently. That was a mistake, of course, because now my dick was throbbing, and I did not know if I could bring myself to stop touching you.

‘Oh 磬矶,’ I said again, as I pushed the tip of my finger just the slightest bit more firmly over her panties.

I stood slowly and groaned at myself for what I was about to do, but I could not stop myself.

I gently grabbed your hip, and turned you carefully onto your back, my heart pounding as I moved you.

I gently lifted your feet apart, one by one, carefully spread your legs by your knees, until they were generously spread apart, enough for me to have a nice view of your panty-covered little cunt. I stood by the bed, reaching down, surrendering, again, to my finger resuming the rubbing of the slit of your panties, pressing my finger near the top, rubbing in tiny little circles, wondering if you could feel it in your sleep. Wondering if I could make your pussy nice and wet as you slept. I groaned at the thought of your cunt, ready and wet for me, I groaned imagining the tight squeeze of my cock sliding inside you. I would surely wake you, then.

‘Oh 磬矶…’ I said, leaning down, as I lifted your tank top slowly with my other hand – the one hand still rubbing your pussy as you slept. I shook my head at how beautiful your perky titties were, and I kissed your nipples delicately. I wanted to suck them into my mouth, to nibble on them, to pull on them lightly with my teeth, to wake you up to find your father’s friend mouthing your nipples, with his hand between your legs.

I reached my hand to my cock and rubbed it through my sleep shorts. I licked my tongue over one of your nipples, and blew on it softly, watching it harden from the cool air. Looking up at you as you still slept soundly, kissing your nipples again, flicking my tongue over them as they hardened, rubbing my cock, while still fingering your pussy… ‘Mmmmm…Daddy likes your nipples, Baby’, I said, talking to you as she slept.

‘You like Daddy licking them? Making them nice and hard?’ I asked you, obviously, with no response, as if I needed one. Violating you in your sleep was arousing me to the point of near ejaculation. I could not believe what I was doing. I knew that I should not be doing it, but it was impossible to stop.

I sucked your nipples gently.

‘Mmmm 磬矶,’ I said against your breast, closing my eyes as I sucked your nipples; stopping, to lick around their areolae, letting my tongue lash over them, indulging in the feeling of your hard nipples against my tongue. I noticed my hand rubbing over your panties a little faster, and not as lightly as it was before. I opened my eyes and looked up at you as I stopped, abruptly, cautiously.

You were still asleep.

I carefully started to rub you again, continuing to enjoy your nipples, my teeth delicately rolling your nipples between them. I groaned as I committed myself to such gentle constraint. 

‘Mmmm 磬矶…Daddy loves you…’ I said, kissing your nipples. ‘I love you so much… much, 磬矶’ I licked them again and sucked them again, as if I were feeding gently on your breast. ‘Mmmmmmm,’ I groaned, as my hand began to rub your pussy even faster. Then, I froze,  as you moved just a bit, sensing now the feelings of your own arousal. You exhaled a soft sigh.

With my hand on your pussy, and your nipple sucked into my mouth, I paused, motionless.

I slowly started to suck again, moving my tongue over your nipple. Then, I stopped, and moved carefully onto the bed. Shifting my weight slowly onto the bed, as I laid between your legs, I scooted myself up further.

‘Do you want Daddy’s tongue down here now, 磬矶? I whispered, quietly.

‘You want Daddy to lick your little pussy?’ I whispered only to myself as you slept, leaning forward and dragging my nose up along the slit of your panties, inhaling you, and then lapping my tongue over your panties, teasing only myself.

‘Shhh…just stay asleep, 磬矶…’ I said, as you moved a little, again, your head turning to the other side. I bravely curled my finger around the edge of the fabric of the panties that were covering your pussy, pulling the panties to the side.

Oh 磬矶,’ I said, glimpsing your gorgeous cunt, mounded by the most demure display of pubic fur.

‘Not pink, but more brown than your other skin…,’ I said, rubbing my thumb over your clit, now in plain view.

‘Mmmmm…fuck…磬矶… Daddy loves you so much,’ I said, looking up at your sleeping face, your titties rising and falling ever so slightly as she breathed normally.

‘Mmmm, my little girl…not mine, really, but his…all grown up…,’ I said, before my tongue licked from your hole to your clit. ‘Mmmmm,’ I revelled, tasting you. ‘Shit,’ I said, taking another long slow lick of your delicious cunt.

‘Daddy really…really likes the flavour of his 磬矶’s pussy,’ I said, quietly, licking you again, my tongue, then, pushing into your hole, just a little, at first, licking it, tonguing it, my lips closing and pulling gently on your labia. I groaned, using my thumbs to spread your pussy lips apart, as I dipped my tongue ever more deeply into you.

‘Oh 磬矶…please…please don’t wake up,’ I groaned, as my tongue went a little more deeply, licking your insides, tongue-fucking your as you slept. I delighted in how good you tasted.

My dick felt like it would burst if I didn’t put it inside you.

I looked up at you and moaned, knowing I couldn’t possibly do that. That would never happen, not with my friend’s daughter. I moaned again, wanting you so badly. I pushed the tip of my finger against your hole, and slowly slid my finger in, the slightest bit at a time.

‘Oh my god,’ I said to myself, feeling how tight your pussy was, just around my one finger. Even the head of my cock would never fit. ‘Ohhh 磬矶…’ I shook my head.

‘You want Daddy to loosen that pussy up, 磬矶?’ I asked you, as you slept, my finger wet as I pushed it in all the way, slowly, then back out, then back up into you.

‘Want Daddy to warm you up, before he stretches you out ?’ I moaned.

I watched my finger slide in and out of you. ‘Oh 磬矶… you’re so tight, Baby…’ I said, battling with what was morally wrong, maybe, but what was right in my head. ‘You can’t fuck her,’ I told myself.  ‘Sure you can,’ I argued. ‘Why not? She’s asleep…if you’re careful….if you go really slowly…she wont wake up.  Of course she’ll wake up! There’s no way she won’t wake up!’ The other voice in my head argued back again. I groaned and continued to finger you single-mindedly.

‘Daddy wants to fuck you so badly, 磬矶…’ I sighed, looking at your tight cunt swallow my finger in it, as I pushed it up a little further inside you, curling it deliberately inside you.  ‘Mmmm Baby…your pussy would feel so good on Daddy’s dick…’

I looked up at you, still sleeping, and shook my head to myself, unable to believe what I was doing, how far I’d gotten without you waking, wondering if I’d allow myself to be greedy for more, to risk it even further by trying to get my dick wet inside of you. Succumbing to my ineluctable desire, I moved up, lifting my tongue to your clit, and, removing my finger from your pussy, I began licking and lipping your clit, in focused earnestness, wondering if my licking you would usher you into a dream of sex. You had to feel it, even asleep. It had to be affecting your sleep. I wondered, when you dreamt about having her pussy licked, if, in your dream, you imagined me, your father’s friend, licking your pussy. I started to fantasise about you waking up, and letting me continue, because you would think it was still a dream, or a dream come true. I fantasised about you wanting this. You wanted your father’s friend ravishing you while you slept. I licked, and tongued, and lipped, your clit, your slit, your hole, again, and again, and again…

‘You want Daddy to fuck you, too, don’t you?’ I said, as I quietly and carefully sat up, pulling my boxers down, and stroking my dick. Looking down at your pussy, as I slid the finger of my other hand back up inside of you, I jerked off, fingering you.

‘I love you, 磬矶….god I love you so fucking much…’ I said, slowly fucking your tight pussy with my finger.

‘Just the tip,’ I told myself. ‘Just the tip.’ ‘Nothing more………’ ‘Don’t do it, unless you can control yourself……..’ ‘Once your dick touches her pussy, you’re not going to be able to stop………’ ‘Fuck the shit out of her. Cover her mouth, and slam your big dick all the way in…..’

I had multiple voices urging and cautioning me in my head. The one telling me to fuck the shit out of you was the one I wanted to listen to most. I imagined it. Just holding my cock at the entrance of your tight hole, then forcing every inch into you. Jolting you awake in pain as I forced your pussy open with my rock-hard cock, stretching you, tearing into you. I jerked myself off even faster. Faster, groaning, looking down at you with my finger just resting inside you as I furiously masturbated, looking at your body, looking at your legs spread with my finger inside you.

‘Fuck her. Do it..Fuck her pussy.’ ‘Imagine that tight pussy wrapped around your cock, squeezing it. So wet. So warm. The perfect little hole.  She’ll love it. She’ll wake up scared, but soon she will  be begging for more.’ The ‘just fuck her’ voice was taking over as I fantasised about fucking you.

‘Oh 磬矶….Daddy wants to fuck you so badly.’ I nearly vocalised, jerking myself off. Looking down at you, I pulled my finger out and looked at your pussy, as you laid there. I kneeled between your legs and pointed my cock towards your delicious, wet, tight little cunt.

‘Oh 磬矶…’ I groaned, and as I closed my eyes and stroked myself faster, groaning more and more loudly, I started to cum. Aiming my load all over your cunt, I opened my eyes, to watch more of my hot semen hit your pussy, and start to drip down into it. I groaned again at the sight of the mess I had made on you, pumping my fist, wanting more of my cum on you, wanting all of my cum on you. The last few drops dripped onto the mound of your pussy.

Looking down at my semen on your panties and pussy, I sighed with enormous relief.

‘Daddy made a mess, 磬矶’ I said, reaching down with a smile, pulling your panties back over your pussy, not attempting to clean all that cum off of you.

‘Mmmmm,’ I said, leaning down , hovering over you, carefully, as I kissed each of your breasts again, letting your nipples brush over my lips.

‘You made Daddy cum so hard, 磬矶,’ I said, looking at your face as you slept. Affectionately, I kissed you on the mouth, your lips slightly parted as you breathed through it.

I smiled to myself as I carefully shifted myself off of you, and off of the bed. I reached over, lowering your tank top back down. Smiling at the cum already staining your panties on the outside, I smiled even more satisfyingly, thinking about the cum still on your pussy, imagining you waking up to find the evidence of sex all over you and your bed, wondering how it got there. I bent over and picked up the blanket again. Strangely, or, perhaps, not strange at all, the blanket had caused it all.

I lifted it up and put it over you.

‘Good night, Princess,’ I said, and kissed your forehead. Walking towards your bedroom door, taking one last look back at you, with my hand on your light switch, flicking it down, I whispered,  ‘Daddy loves you.’

清玑, Part Two

When I woke up the next day, I felt my heart pounding, wondering if you knew what I had done. What if you were not asleep? What if you had woken up, but just laid there, pretending, and let me ravish your body? As scared as I was, I promised myself that I was not ever going to do it again. I laid in bed shaking my head. I could not. How could I really have done all that I did? I could not allow myself ever again even to think about you in such a way. No, I can’t. But as I was thinking all this, the thought of fingering you, of how tight your pussy was, of how you looked so perfect, lying there, fast asleep, as I licked and tongued your pussy,  as I put my finger in you, over and over again…then cumming all over your perfect cunt, just before shoving my dick inside you, and filling you with my semen, my sperm… I moaned, feeling my dick rise, and reached down beneath the covers to stroke it.

I closed my eyes and imagined you. ‘Oh 清玑…’ I groaned, quietly. I could hear my friend and his wife, already  out of bed and downstairs, probably making us breakfast. I would be visiting them several more days; so I was in no hurry to join them.

‘Oh 清玑…‘ I moaned, stroking my cock faster, rock hard now at the thought of you. ‘Daddy’s girl…’ I said to myself, remembering your luscious titties, and your erect nipples, hard under my tongue. ‘Fuck….daddy wants to fuck you….’ I imagined you awake , lying there, legs spread, temping me with your wet cunt. I imagined you telling me to take you, begging for my dick inside you. I imagined you telling me to fuck your virgin pussy. I groaned, jerking myself off, pushing the covers down, lying in bed on my back staring at the ceiling. I closed my eyes again, and started to thrust my cock into my own hand, imagining it was your pussy, and not my hand on my cock. I squeezed a little more tightly, trying to think of how tight your pussy would feel. I moaned, ‘Oh 清玑, you are going to make Daddy cum. I’m going to cum in that tight little pussy…that hot young cunt… Daddy is going to put his cum deep inside you, 清玑.’ I groaned again as I started to cum. I groaned more loudly as my cum shot up onto my stomach and chest. ‘Fuck,’ I whispered to myself, wishing every drop was inside of you, and not spewed all over myself.

I laid there, my hand dropping from my cock as it throbbed.

‘Shit,’ I said, realising I had made a huge mistake last night. There was no way I was going to be able to stop thinking about you. And as much as I told myself I’d never touch you again like that, I was still hoping the day would pass quickly, and you would fall asleep early; so I could touch you again. I am such a dirty old man; I will play play with your cunt again. I know I will. I have to. Would I ever have the courage to fuck you, to put my cock inside you, to cum inside you? I could not live with fantasies alone, that I knew.

I sat up, went to the bathroom, and wiped the cum from my chest and stomach, cleaning myself up. Throwing on some pyjama pants and a t-shirt, I walked downstairs.

You and your mother were sitting at the table, eating breakfast.

‘Rise and shine,’ your mother said. ‘How did you sleep?’

I smiled. ‘Good morning. I slept well.’ I looked at you. You looked up from her bowl of cereal, and your phone, smiled slightly at me, then looked back to your phone.

‘Fancy, your manners…’ your mother reminded.

‘Morning, Morgan,’ you said, politely. The racing of my heart diminished just a bit. You did not seem any different. You must have really been asleep.

The day had been long, and, now, with your parents out for the night, uninterruptedly, I thought again only about you. The house was quiet, aside from the distant murmur of a TV, coming from the direction of your room. Wishing I was sharing the guest bed with you, I felt guilty. If your parents ever found out what I had done, even if I had ever had any such thoughts of you, they’d kill me.

I waited patiently, writing distractedly in my journal. I wanted to be sure that everyone else in the house was fast asleep, including you.

I waited an hour or so, and then got out of bed, and walked to your room. My heart beating fast, seeing the light on in her bedroom, hearing the TV going. I turned the door knob and opened the door slowly, peeking in.

The covers weren’t kicked off yet, but you were on your back, and your eyes were closed. I called your name in the lowest of voices. Then, again, a little more loudly. And again.

No movement. No reply.

I opened the door further, stepped in quietly, and shut the door behind me, locking it.

Thinking about the things I said I wasn’t going to do to you again, my dick was already twitching in excitement in my sleep shorts. You were wearing a loosely fitting grey tank top that revealed the side of your breast hanging out on one side. I lifted the covers carefully as I got to the bed, pulling them down and off of you. You were wearing a pair of grey cotton boy-cut panties. They looked like tiny little shorts. I smiled, seeing them cling to you, just like your panties of last night. And, oh my god, the thin line in them created by your pussy lips.

My hand automatically went to your pussy, and slid over it, cupping it, rubbing my hand over it, my middle finger sliding up between the slit of your panties, and pushing back down.

I looked at you, and moved further up, standing near your face at the side of the bed. I pulled my shorts down from my hips, taking my cock in my hand, and jerking it off near your mouth. Looking at you, reaching down, I pulled your tank top to the side, pushing the fabric to the middle, between her breasts, letting one of your breasts hang out. I rubbed the nipple, then lifted my hand to my mouth, licking my fingers. Leaving some of my saliva at my finger tips, I reached down and rubbed it over your nipple. Smiling, your nipple glistening, wet with my saliva, I squeezed your nipple gently between my moistened finger tip and thumb, and felt your nipple stiffen a little.  Pinching it even more, as I was jerking myself off faster near your face, I continued teasing your nipple between my thumb and my fingertip.

‘Sexy girl…’ I groaned. ‘Daddy’s girl,’ I said, quietly, and then stopped playing with your nipple, and pushed my hips forward, and carefully pressed the head of my cock on your lips, which were slightly parted, testing, to see if you would move, or stir, in your sleep. You did not.

I groaned sliding the shaft of my cock along your lips, between them, feeling your breath, your soft, warm lips on my cock.

‘Oh 清玑….kiss daddy’s cock..,’ I groaned,  ‘Oh, yeah….kiss it, 清玑…’ I whispered. ‘Put that pretty mouth all over daddy’s dick…’ I said, sliding it back and forth over your mouth. I put my hand on your face, and turned it a little more towards me, carefully pushing the head of my cock against your lips again, nudging it against your mouth, manoeuvring your mouth carefully, groaning as the head of my cock penetrated your lips.

‘Fuck,’ my heart raced, I could not believe what I was doing. I could not believe you had not been awakened. You were just lying there, deep asleep, as I pushed my cock into your mouth just a little more.

‘Good girl…,’ I said, as I slid the head of my cock into your mouth, then out of it, then back in. I spit in my hand, and reached down, getting the top half of my cock wet and putting it back against your lips, pushing it back between your lips, negotiating them open, again.

‘Oh yeah…,’ I groaned, the head of my cock slipped right past your lips this time. ‘Oh god, 清玑…suck daddy’s cock…,’ I groaned. Carefully, and slowly, only shoving the first inch or so of my cock into your mouth, though I wanted so badly to give you more, to fuck the back of your throat. I wanted you to wake up, choking on my cock. I groaned.  The hand on the side of your face, slid back behind your head as I moved a little faster, still feeding you only the head of my huge cock.

‘That’s it, 清玑….mmmmm…. Let daddy fuck that pretty mouth…. You’re going to make daddy cum?  …Is my baby girl going to drink up all my cum? Swallow it?’ I groaned, looking at you. I stroked my cock, with the head of it pressed against your lips, then between your lips, moving it back and forth, as I continued to jerk myself off, aiming at her mouth, so that when I ejaculated, I would shoot into your mouth.

‘Daddy’s good girl…..ugh, fuck….daddy is gonna cum. 清玑…’ I groaned. Would the hot cum hitting the roof of your mouth, or the taste of it, awaken you. I moved down, and aimed it at your breast, instead. I couldn’t hold it any longer. I started to blow my load all over your exposed tits. Watching my cum shoot over your nipples, your areolae, some getting on your shirt, I grunted as I worked the rest of the semen out. It felt so good to release again, release my cum all over the titties of my best friend’s daughter.

‘Shit…’ I cursed. I should have cum in your mouth. I leaned over and rubbed the head of my cock over your nipple, in the pools of my cum, getting it all cummy, and then I moved back to your mouth, and let the head of my cock skim your lips. I grinned to myself, decorating your mouth with thick, hot cum, your lips now gleaming.

‘Taste it baby….taste daddy’s cum…,’ I said, my dick brushing over your lips, and pushing past them a little into your mouth. I was sick. I was so wrong to be doing this, all of it. But I wanted my cum in your mouth, even just a little of it. I wanted you taste me.

‘Good girl,’ I groaned, looking down at you, still asleep. You  moved just slightly, and sighed in your sleep, your mouth opening and closing a few times. I froze.

You stayed asleep, though, and I smiled, pulling my sleep shorts up, and again , not cleaning my cum off of you, but pulling your tank top back over your breast. Gleefully, I thought how my sticky cum would make your shirt stick to your chest as it dried.

I grabbed your blanket, covering you back up, but then stopped, looking at your pussy in her panties. I had barely touched it.

‘Does Daddy’s little girl want me to play with her pussy again?’ I asked you as if you were awake.

‘Did you like it when daddy had his finger inside you, Baby?’ I asked, as I pushed the covers back to the foot of the bed.

‘Mmmmm….,’ I said, gently sliding my fingertips up the inside of your thigh, and then rubbing your pussy under your panties.

I could not stop. I did not care that I had just cum. I could get hard again. I just wanted to touch you, to play with you, to take advantage of my time with you as she slept. How long would I stay in your room tonight? If I got hard again, I could cum again, this time, in your mouth, on your face, on in your pussy.

I pushed your legs together slowly. Grabbing the waistband of your panties carefully, pushing the back of them down into the bed, I cautiously removed them, pulling them down from the back, then from the front, then the back again, as I slowly pulled them all the way off your legs.

‘Mmmm, there we go…take these panties off for Daddy…show him that sweet pussy…,’ I said, gently parting your legs again.

‘Such a cute little pussy, 清玑…’ I said, standing on the side of the bed, reaching over, rubbing it.

I pushed my middle finger between the lips of your pussy, sliding it up and down your slit, lifting my fingers to my mouth, wetting them, then reaching down and rubbing my saliva over her pussy, allowing my fingers to slip nicely up and down your perfect slit.

‘There we go…..nice and wet….so Daddy can rub his little girl….,’ I said.

‘You like that, 清玑? You like it when Daddy touches you down here? You like me touching your pussy, Sweetheart?… Mmmm…daddy likes touching it…. Yes, he does…. Such a pretty girl…..Such a sexy girl, too…..’ I talked to you as if you could hear me.

‘Why don’t we try two fingers tonight, 清玑?” I suggested to you, as you lay sound asleep.

‘You want Daddy to finger that tight little pussy with two fingers tonight, Baby?… Start stretching that tight little hole out…hmm? So that, later, I can fuck you with my big cock. After you get used to that, we can go to your butthole. You will like that, too.’ I said all this, teasing your pussy with the tips of my fingers, then pushing them inside you, slowly. Feeling it tight, so tight, around just one finger, I was gentle with two.

‘Mmmm, can you even take two fingers? Do you put your fingers inside yourself, 清玑? Do you masturbate this little cunt?’ I groaned, my fingers moving in and out of you, faster. I could feel your tight, wet, warm insides around my fingers. First, I inserted my ring and middle fingers, then my middle and index fingers, then my ring and little fingers, then just my thumb. I was gentle, but not hesitant. The more I persisted, the more you relaxed.

‘Oh fuck, 清玑….you are so tight…but you are loosening up. Do you like it when I finger fuck you? Does it feel good?’ I asked.

‘Daddy just wants to make his Baby feel good.’

情寄,  Part Three

‘Mmmmm, I can’t believe how tight you are, 情寄,’ I said, my fingers sliding in and out of you slowly.

‘So damn tight, 情寄…’ I groaned, feeling your wet pussy squeeze my fingers as I touched you in your sleep.

‘You need a nice big dick to stretch you open …’ I said, looking down, watching my fingers move in and out, slowly, coated in your juices. I smiled. Your pussy looked so perfect. ‘Daddy would love to stretch open his little girl…mmmmm…yes, I would,’ I said, looking up to your face as you continued to sleep.

‘Mmmm… Daddy’s little girl…is a big girl now…. You should let daddy treat you like one….,’ I said, sliding my fingers out, and rubbing your clit with my fingers, wondering if I could make you cum in your sleep. ‘You want Daddy to make you cum?…to make this pussy feel really good?…to make his little girl cum hard…?’ I groaned, rubbing your clit a little faster. You moved slightly. I froze. My hand lifting, my hands raised as you stirred in your sleep. My heart beating fast. How would I explain myself? Why were your panties off, and why were my fingers wet with your pussy juice?

I held my breath, and you stopped stirring. I exhaled.

At that point, I should have gotten up and gone back to my room. It was such a close call, but…it didn’t stop me.

I lowered my middle finger back down and slid it up and down your slit, smiling to myself as I looked at your pussy, and then up at your face, as I slid my finger back up inside your pussy. I went back to using one finger; I decided not to push it, with two. As if fingering you at all wasn’t pushing it.

‘Mmmm…is Daddy’s finger making you feel good, 情寄?’ I whispered. ‘Is that why you’re stirring in your sleep….is Daddy making you have a naughty dream….is Daddy in that naughty dream?’ I whispered, still sliding my finger in and back out. Getting greedy, again, I added the second finger.

‘Mmmm…yeah….that’s it, Baby….get nice and wet for daddy….’ My fingers were moving a little faster, I could not help it, I wanted to slam them into you, all the way to my knuckles, to curl them up inside you, against your g-spot, and make you cum, to wake you up to the fingers of your father’s friend fucking your pussy. I groaned, imagining my fingers making you feel so good that you’d lie there, and just moan for more, moan for my fingers, harder and deeper, up inside your pussy. I fantasised about you begging for my cock.

‘Oh 情寄…’ I whispered, looking from your face, down, to your pussy, as my fingers were now fucking you at a steady pace, not too deep, but sliding in and out of you, faster and faster. I smiled, watching your pussy take my fingers inside of it. ‘Yeah, 情寄….mmmm, so naughty…letting Daddy fuck your little pussy with his fingers…’

‘You like that, 情寄?’ I twisted my fingers inside of you and pulled them out and rubbed your clit again, stopping again as you stirred slightly, this time, not lifting my hand, but freezing it on your pussy. My fingers on your clit as you let out a deep sigh and moved your head from one side to the other. I moved my fingers again, slowly. I could not believe how badly I needed to touch you. I just kept going, instead of playing it safe, and leaving your room.

‘Good girl,’ I whispered. ‘Be a good girl. and let daddy play with this pretty little pussy.’ I looked up at your face as I moved my fingers. You stirred again, but I did not stop, moving my fingers in circles around your clit. A little whimper came from you, as your head tossed again.

‘It’s okay, 情寄….it’s just Daddy….go on….I know it feels good, 情寄…,’ I said, as I rubbed your clit in tiny, fast little circles, urging you to cum in your sleep. Wondering if you could, if an orgasm would wake you. How could my touching you not have awakened you already?

I watched your back arch slightly as you moved in your sleep, just a squirm. Another little whimper came from your mouth.

Fuck, 情寄…Daddy wants to make  you cum so bad…’ I groaned, knowing I needed to stop. I groaned quietly, and looked down at my fingers, making them stop, and then rubbing your pussy again, slowly. I looked up at you as you lie still, your mouth slightly parted. Still asleep. Wondering what I should do next, if I should try again, try to make you cum, and not stop until she did cum. I groaned, looking down at my cock. With all of my  fondling of your pussy, it had become hard again. I had so much adrenaline coursing through me, so much testosterone.

I looked at you, moving my hand from your pussy, and just watched you sleep, sighing. Wondering what I should do. Knowing what I wanted to do. Should I lick and tongue your pussy again? Should I fuck you, really, this time? A fantasy flashed through my mind. I would stop pretending. Throwing your legs wide open, you would be jolted into stunned wakefulness. With my cock already poised to enter you, without hesitation, holding you down, I would slam my cock all the way up inside of you. You would not have a chance to refuse, as I ripped right into you. I groaned to myself, at the thought of how loudly you might scream. I didn’t want to hurt you. I didn’t want your scream to awaken and alarm your parents. I didn’t want it to appear as though I were raping you. You are nineteen years old, but this would not be regarded as consensual, even in my wildest of dreams. Somehow, I wanted you to want me, to have wanted me, your father’s best friend, even older than he. I pushed my boxers down again, and stroked my cock. I needed to take fuller advantage of this opportunity, of you. I hadn’t had enough. I couldn’t get enough.

I gently lifted your one shoulder and hip, and rolled you to your side, as slowly and as carefully as possible. With you lying on your side, I got onto the bed, ever so slowly, behind you, holding my breath as I inched up behind you, with my hand on your hip, as I pushed in, closer.

‘Mmmm…情寄,” I said, my dick rubbing up against the crack of your butt.

‘Feel how hard you make Daddy’s dick?’ I poked your butt with it. ‘Do you feel that….Daddy wants to put that all inside you…….’ I imagined you talking back to me. ‘Yes, 情寄….all of it….every inch…..deep inside you….’ I groaned. ‘I want to fuck the shit out of you, 情寄…’ I said, pushing my cock down between your butthole and the little triangular space created by you pussy, where your thighs meet your the top innermost of your thighs. Spreading the upper cheek of your ass, revealing your butthole, I pressed my cock, gently, into your butthole, then, between your thighs, then down, and against your pussy. I groaned.

‘Oh my god…,’ I said, softly. This felt too good. I was so close to fucking you, but not fucking you. Or was this already fucking you. I realised that I was already fucking you, I just had not yet cum inside you.

I moved slowly, fucking you between your thighs, between your butthole and your pussy. My cock could feel the tightness of your butthole, the closeness of your pussy lips. Pausing the motion of my hips and my dick, I brought my fingertips to my mouth, and spit onto them, getting them really wet with saliva, then, first, I wet your butthole, and, then, your pussy lips. With my index finger, back to your butthole, I gently rubbed your hole. First, it contracted, then, with the encircling of my fingertip, it relaxed. I pressed the tip of the finger in, just the very tip. I then brought that finger to my mouth, and sucked on it. You tasted so good. I resumed the motion of my hip, the movement of my cock, from your moistened butthole to your moistened cunt.

‘Shit,’ I groaned, holding onto your hip as I continued, going faster, my hips smacking her butt lightly. ‘Fuck, Baby….fuck….god…you are so hot, Baby,’ I groaned, wishing I could push my cock all the way up inside you; lifting your leg, and really giving you every inch of my big, fat cock.

‘You want Daddy to fuck you? Do you?’ I asked you. As she slept, I was looking at you, just lying there. ‘Are you awake?’ I asked. ‘Wake up and look at Daddy,’ I said. You did not appear to be awake, but I wanted to test it…. ‘Daddy knows you are awake….just look at Daddy…it’s okay, Baby….look at me,’ I whispered. You just lay there, your mouth parted slightly, breathing normally, as you continued to sleep.

I don’t know what I was expecting, or what I wanted to happen. But I kept going. I had always been obsessed with the romance of extremes. 

‘Mmmm…Daddy should wake up his little girl…’ I groaned. ‘Wake you up and tear up that pussy,’ I groaned. I continued fucking the crease between your thighs, your butthole and then your cunt…your cunt, and then your butthole.

I groaned, feeling myself ready to cum.

‘You want Daddy to cum inside you, 情寄? Is that what you want?’ I asked, again, imagining you talking back to me. ‘Yes? You do? You want daddy to put his cum inside you?’ I slid my cock from your butthole to your pussy, moving slightly, and pushed it along your pussy lips. Pressing gently, but firmly, I pushed, until I knew that the head of my cock had just penetrated your tight little hole. I groaned, stroking my cock, continuing to push the head of my cock, just enough to assure that all my cum would end up inside you, just inside your cunt. I closed my eyes, my mouth gaping, as I unloaded into you, all of my cum, a full load. It was I who wanted to scream, then, but I knew it would awaken you. I silenced myself, and nudged the head of my cock a little more deeply into your pussy, as I finished ejaculating.

‘Shit…,’ I said, moving carefully, sitting up, standing, quickly, and looking at your pussy, at what I had done.

As I watched my huge load of cum gurgling, streaming out of you, I thought, surely, it was not deep enough inside you to get her pregnant? It would all drain out of you as your slept, wouldn’t it? What the fuck had come over me. How could I go that far? I had actually cum inside the cunt of my best friend’s sleeping daughter. Somehow, though, I had to admit, the sight of my own semen, my own sperm, my seed, spewing from your cunt, was incredibly satisfying. I was strangely proud of myself. I had persisted, when I could have faltered. If I had gone this far, I could go even farther.

I grabbed your panties, redressing you – again. I pulled the covers up over you.

I reached out, brushed my hand over your forehead, leaned down, and kissed your lips.

‘You made me do a very bad thing, 情寄….’ I said, in a whisper. ‘You make Daddy do lots of bad things. Thank  you, 情寄. I love you, 情寄. I love you so very much…’ Again, I kissed your lips.

‘Daddy will be back tomorrow night, to keep taking care of his 情寄.’

青妓, Part Four

Well. I didn’t go into your room the next night, or the night after that.

I was trying my hardest not to continue what I had started. Looking at you throughout the day, each day, I wondered if the cum I had put inside you the other night was going to knock you up.

I imagined the confusion you would have felt as your belly began to grow, as her tits started to swell. I was not sure how to proceed from here, and that is what dissuaded me from venturing into your room again. I was not afraid, really, of what I would do next, but what you would do, what your parents would do. In my mind, it was inevitable that I would eventually take your virginity, because it was unavoidable, too, that I would be unable to keep myself from cumming inside you again. Even the concern with getting you pregnant did not stop me from jacking myself off to the thoughts of you, multiple times a day. I had never masturbated as much as I had the past few days. Not even as a teenager. But I could not stop thinking about you. I could not stop thinking about fingering you, about licking and tonguing you, about what it would feel like to me and to you to have my big cock in your young, tight cunt.

It was not that I had an angel on one shoulder, urging me to stop; and a demon on the other shoulder, urging me to go. Both angel and demon were talking with one  another, both convinced that I should go all the way, that I should fuck you, because that was what had been destined, that I should fuck you.

Two days were all I could stand. I had to play with you in your sleep, again. I had to take it at least one step further. What would I do next? What had I not already done? 

Tonight was different. When I went to your room, the light was off, and so was your television.

When I walked in, I turned on the light. You were asleep. Your blanket was on the floor. I turned the light back off, closed the door behind me, and locked it.

There was enough light coming in through the window from the street lamps to see you. I walked to the bed, pulled down my boxers, lifted my already stiffening cock, and began stroking it.

In seconds, I was rock hard. I had been on the verge for the last half hour. Thinking about you, lying in bed, I could not ignore my dick. I could not deny the lust surging through my mind and my body. I had to be with you, in you, fucking you.

With less care than the other nights, I climbed up onto the bed. I was not afraid of my weight shifting on the bed as I spread your legs and curled my fingers around the crotch of your panties, pulling them to the side in the dark.

‘You know what daddy has to do , don’t you, 青妓?’ I whispered to you as she slept.

It was the only resolution. At least that is what I had convinced myself to believe. The only way I could stop was not to stop until I had gone all the way, to the natural, destined conclusion. I had to fuck you. I was the one chosen to take your virginity. Once I accomplished that, surely, I would be satisfied.

I pushed my finger down and up into you. My eyes involuntarily rolled back as I felt how warm and tight and wet your insides were. I was cast into a state of transcendental bliss, just at the feel of you, my dick throbbing, pre-cum insisting itself forward.

I fingered you slowly. I whispered to you.

‘Don’t worry. Daddy will be gentle.’

‘Daddy needs to do this, 青妓.’

‘I love you, 青妓. I need you to know how much Daddy loves you.’

I slid my fingers in and out, my cock aching to be inside you.

I moved my hand from between your legs, my fingers coming out wet. I spit in my hand and rubbed it over my cock.

‘Jesus fucking Christ…,’ I whispered. ‘青妓, I cannot believe that you are going to let Daddy fuck you. Your pussy is going to be so fucking tight, but I will be gentle. I will go in slowly. But I will go all the way in, past your hymen, all the way to your uterus. My big dick will then cum inside you, filling you with my semen, my sperm.’ I said all of this to you as she slept.

‘Such a good girl,’ I said, guiding my cock in the dark. Pushing the head of my cock along your pussy lips, down to your hole.

For a split second, I thought about stopping. That was impossible now. I knew what I had to do. I had to fuck you.

I pushed carefully, groaning at the resistance of your tight pussy.

‘Oh god, 青妓,’ I nudged my cock again, just barely penetrating you. ‘Fuck. You are so tight,’ I said to you, as you still slept. I held my cock and guided it again, holding it as I carefully poked it into you.

‘Oh fuck,’ I groaned, feeling the head of my cock push up into you. ‘Oh god, 青妓.’

I could not believe it. I was inside. Inside of the pussy I had been secretly fingering at night, and craving since then.

I held just the head inside as I pulled my hand from my cock and leaned over you, hovering. My cock still merely poised for full insertion. I had to go slowly.

I had to prepare myself. I knew there was a good chance that you would wake up. No, that was a certainty. I knew that this might be the thing that woke you. It would be. All the rest of was just play. This was serious. I was fucking you. I was going to fuck you for real.

I was right.

I pushed up into you slowly, groaning as I felt my cock being squeezed as it pressed up into your tight, virgin pussy. I only had about a second of uninterrupted pleasure before I felt you move and wake up with a yelp, as I urged myself all the way inside, all nine inches.

‘Morgan?!’ You screeched, and started to whine. I immediately clasped my hand over your mouth, drew my hips back, and then pushed them back into you. Again and again and again. Groaning, as I felt your hands try to push me off, your body squirming. Groaning, at your tight cunt, now, even before my ejaculation, wetter than when I started, squeezing me even more tightly as you panicked.

‘Shhhhhhh,’ I said, knowing I had made a huge fucking mistake. But in those moments, it did not feel as though I had made any mistake at all. You felt too good. There was no point stopping. You were already awake. I was already fucking you.

You screamed into my palm, jerking your body back and forth, trying to move me off of you, as I lowered myself again onto you, thrusting my cock more and more deeply into you, again and again and again. 

‘Be quiet,’ I said, in a loud whisper. ‘Be quiet, 青妓.’ I could hear you trying to talk as you whined and cried into my palm. Should I let you talk? In my fantasy, you would not be fighting it. Instead, you would be begging for it. 

‘Do you want to tell me how badly you want me to fuck you? Is that what you want? If I take my hand off your mouth, will you be nice? I do not want to hurt you. I know it hurts, because you are tight, and I am big, but if we work together, you will get the fucking you want, and I will get the fucking I need.’

‘Okay, let’s give it try,’ I encouraged.

Before I remove my hand, though, I did what I knew I had to do. All the way up inside you, hitting your g-spot, and beyond, way beyond, I began to cum. For several minutes, gush after gush after gush, I filled you with my hot thick semen. When I was done, my whole body shuddered in relief. I had really fucked my best friend’s daughter.

My cock still inside you, I said, ‘Don’t cry. You have known me all your life. I am your father’s best friend. I have watched you grow up. Now you are grown. I had to do this. I had to fuck you. I am sorry it hurt so badly.’

Before I moved my hand from your mouth, you squeezed my arms with your hands. Your hips began to jerk, to twitch, to quiver, intensely. Your eyes closed. Then your whole body went limp. As I backed my cock out of your pussy, still somewhat hard, your cunt seemed to be soaking wet. This was not the sticky wetness of cum, but the wetness of your orgasm. I took my hand off your mouth.

‘Shhhhhhhhhh,’ I said. We both lay there in silence. 

‘Daddy loves you,’ I whispered, wiping the drying tears from your eyes. Quietly, you responded, ‘You are not my Daddy. You are his friend. You are Morgan.’

‘I know, 青妓, I am not your father, but I am the Daddy who just fucked you, the Daddy who will fuck you again, and anytime you want to be fucked by your Daddy.’

‘Don’t cry, 青妓. Just relax. It will stop hurting.’ I said. I stroked your cheek. Cautiously, I lifted your chin, and kissed your lips. I did not insist. Instead, my kiss was a question, ‘Do you forgive me? Can you forgive me? Will you forgive me?’

To my surprise, you kissed me back, not deeply, not with tongues, but sweetly. Holding me tightly, you reached down and grabbed my cock. ‘You are so fucking big,’ you said, in a low voice. ‘You are much bigger than my real daddy, my father. He is small, really small. You are even bigger than most of the dicks I see in porn.’

‘Have you seen your father’s cock?’ thinking that you may have done so by accident.

‘Yes, many times, for years now. When I was really young, I used to go to the playground with my father. I only liked to play on the bars. I liked the way they felt against my pussy. One day,  innocently, I told my father that. He hadn’t noticed it before, but from then on, he was always watching me play on the bars. Not long after that, when my mother was away, he began playing with my pussy. I let him, because it felt good. I did not tell my mother then, because I knew that she would not like it, that she would make him stop.’

“Did your father ever fuck you?

‘Yes, but that came much later, when I was older, about six years ago, now. I wanted him to fuck me, I had been begging for it. I didn’t want him to stop. About a year ago, though, as you know, he got sick, some problem with his blood vessels. He had to take a medicine that was bad for him. His dick wouldn’t get hard anymore; so we stopped fucking.’

‘Maybe that is what he told you, because he wanted to back away delicately from the situation he had gotten himself into – fucking his daughter. He didn’t want to hurt your feelings; so he made up the excuse about the medication.’

‘Maybe. It doesn’t rally matter now. Even before he actually fucked me, other boys, and men, even, fucked me. I don’t want a boyfriend, though. I like to be fucked by different boys and men, different dicks. I really like being fucked, but I like girls, too. I like girls in a lesbian way. Maybe I am bi.

‘Did you know that I was fondling you in your sleep? I played with your pussy, with your titties, with your butthole. This was not the first night that I left you with my cum on you, in you. This was just the first night that I really fucked you.’

‘Of course, I felt you, but I thought, dreamily, that it was my father, or someone else, and that made me happy. I never imagined that it might be you, even in my dreams. It’s not that I was not interested in you in that way. You are hotter than any other older man I have seen or known. You were just different somehow. I even thought you might be gay, because you were so close to my father.’

I smiled, ‘So that’s why you didn’t stop me? You did want it. You wanted all of it. Oh 青妓.

‘Until tonight, waking up with cum on me and in me, I really did hope it was my father, somehow recovered, or partially so. I haven’t mentioned it to him, because he was so self-conscious about his inability to get hard anymore, or at least that’s what he told me. Tonight, when I woke up, and you were fucking me, yes, I was surprised, first, then horrified, then angry, then happy – because it was you. I was happy to be fucked again. It’s just that too many other factors were scrambling up my brain, especially the size of your monstrous cock. You probably noticed that I am not a virgin. I lost that just about when I entered puberty. I am tight, because I have not been fucked regularly for too long, because my father’s dick is a quarter the size of yours, and , again, because I have never been fucked by such a horse cock as yours!’

‘Don’t you masturbate? You don’t have dildos?

‘My mother has some, but I don’t. I have used hers. But they are clitoral, not vaginal. Most of the time, though, I just use my fingers.’

‘I’m glad you like my cock.’

‘I love your cock.’

‘Do you want me to fuck you again?

‘Even though I still hurt, if you can, yes, please, please fuck me again.’

‘Oh, I can. The past two days, while I was building up the impetus to visit you again as you slept, and to fuck for all I was worth, I masturbated almost every hour. I could not get you off my mind.’

Kissing, this time with tongues, my dick hard again, I entered you, this time, with your juices and my cum, much more easily. With ease, almost, I pushed myself all the way inside you. You winced ever so slightly, but then you relaxed. Pushing your hips into my dick, you whispered loudly through our kisses, ‘Fuck me, Daddy. Fuck me, Daddy. Fuck me, Daddy.’ it wasn’t long before I gave you a second load of cum.

‘I can call you, Daddy, can’t I? you asked.

‘That would make me very happy, my little Baby Girl, my 青妓.’ 

‘And you need to come over more often, not just to see my father, but to see me, to fuck me. Don’t worry, I won’t tell my parents. My mother already knows about my father and me. I told her when he stopped fucking me. I asked her not to tell him that I had told her. I told her if she did, I would tell him that she was fucking one of his students. She didn’t think I knew. I am an adult now, anyway. I can make my own choices.

‘Your mother and I never really hit it off, not that way, or any way. She is not my type; I am not hers. I think she thought, she thinks, that your father and I are too close to one another, homosexually close. I would have been up for it, with your father, but he didn’t have the courage, not even to experiment with it. Believe me, many have been the times that I have asked him to fuck me, that I have asked to fuck him. He won’t even let me suck his cock.’

‘By the way, I noticed the other day that your mother calls you, Fancy, and not your real name, Qingji. You know, I gave you that name. Your father wanted a unique name for you. Your mother always thought it sounded like Chintzy, not as in “cheap”, in the American sense, but as in “fancy”, as the English use it; hence , Fancy, as your mother calls you. To your father, in my presence, anyway, you are only 磬矶 (Qìngjī); but to me, because I know Chinese, you are also 清玑 (Qīngjī), 情寄 (Qíngjì), and, now, 青妓 (Qīngjī).’

‘I never liked Fancy, but you are really the only one who calls me by my real name. All those versions kind of sound alike to me, but I know they are different to you, to the Chinese.’

‘Yes, they are very different.’

‘So you are gay, I knew it!’ you rejoiced.

‘No, not gay, really, gay is too tame for me. I am omnisexual, pansexual. I prefer men, certainly, but I have slept with women, too. I like sucking dick. I like getting fucked. And, as you know, I like fucking, too. Were you ever to think, even for a moment, that I am just a dirty old man, only into seducing young girls like you, you would be best to think again. I said, I loved you. When you were asleep, I said it many times. I meant it. I do love you. I have known you all your life. I missed taking you to the playground. I am sorry about that. It would have been nice to watch my best friend’s daughter masturbating on the bars. I did not wait for this opportunity, though. This opportunity waited for you, for you to have already had the experience with your father, and others, as you have revealed; for you to have already witnessed the dalliances of your mother; for you to accept my love for you as it was meant to be. We will fuck as often as we can. You will fuck others, too, men, and women. You know I am not married, I don’t have a girlfriend, either, nor a boyfriend. You guessed it. I am different. You have always been perceptive. I like to fuck strange men, anonymous men, that is why. That is why, too, that it felt so good, that it feels so good, to fuck you. This is totally outside the bounds of normal sexual preference. I am free to fuck anyone I choose. Now, you, too, are free to do the same. You have had your father, and, now, you have had your Daddy.’

‘When you you leave, Daddy?’

‘Tomorrow morning, just hours from now,’ I replied.

‘Can we fuck one more time, please, Daddy? Let me suck your cock, and get you hard again.’

‘That would be nice – I’ll take a rain-check on the sucking – but even the mention of it is enough to get me hard again. I might not have as much cum as the first two times, but I will give you all I have. By the way, you are not going to pregnant are you?’

‘Don’t be silly, Daddy. When my father started fucking me years ago, I was already on the pill. I guess I’ve always been a little slut, even a whore. Until I am ready, though, I can’t and won’t get pregnant. Fuck me again, Daddy. Fuck me so hard, I will remember your cock ’til the next time you fuck me.’

‘Your father is going to know that you are getting fucked again, you know that?’

‘I hope he does. Maybe, then, as he can’t fuck anymore – if he can’t fuck anymore – he will let you fuck him, too.’

‘Everything happens just as it should. After your pussy gets used to my big cock, I’ll fuck your ass. That’ll be something else to look forward to.’

‘I can’t wait. I’ll get some really big cock-shaped dildos to practice with; so, next time, I will be better prepared for you.

‘I love you more than you will even know, 磬矶.’

‘I love you, too, Daddy.’