A phoenix fell in love with a a pink silk tree,
the Albizia, deep in a foreign land.
Lake within a lotus, amidst cherry pollen,
fishes of every colour and ornamentation,
pirouetting randomly, worms in a flood.
Hair in the pool, subsiding into facial down.
Penile thorns protruding, blood-red blooms
incited, the tree, enraptured, ravished, 
wrapped around the egg of seas and strange isles,
a phoenix fell in love with a pink silk tree,
deep within a foreign land, where the young
grew old, the old grew young again!
Essence is lost, traded, gained. Given a body
of flesh and bone, she floats naked in the water,
surrounded by writhing swarms. No struggle,
no pain, just Climax. The sea is drained.
A phoenix fell… Nothing really but a pair
of starry eyes, destined, beginning, middle, end.