White genocide, white extinction, NBWO

Often – either accompanying the rage arising from such rampant display of white supremacist puerility, or with the enquiries of others regarding the vehemence of that rage – I am ushered to a consideration of the above concepts, and the relationship between them. I am certainly not alone in my contemplation of this topic. Though vantage points differ, those infuriated by the current state of affairs, especially, perhaps, in the States Once-United of America, all converge upon one ineluctable necessity – the eradication of the mutant white race. Here, I offer my feelings and thoughts on same.

White genocide is most commonly suggested, but I prefer white extinction. Genocide connotes violence and killing, and I am not an advocate of either – except in so far as a life is taken for a life. The extinction of the white race will naturally occur, via naturally ordained evolutionary processes. Rather than exterminating the whites, the conscientious choice must be made by the growing majority simply to cease to breed white babies. As white men are genetically, and sexually, inferior to the men of all the races of colour, it is the white women who must take it upon themselves to refuse sex in any context with white men. Concurrently, of course, these white women must voluntarily offer their vaginas and their wombs to men of colour. This evolutionary process, then, is demonstrably hastened by the revolutionary act of white women demanding command over their own destinies, and those of their children. 

Complete white extinction is beyond the lifespans of any now living, and remote even beyond generations now conceived. Whites – never in the majority – will first lose supremacy, then all significance, other than the vestige of former self-exalted distinction, self-pretended pre-eminence. With no public rôle to play, powerless in every regard, fit but for the most menial of tasks in service to the races of colour, living as subservient ancillaries, fed and boarded, expiating the sins of their pasts, the white race will eventually dwindle to nothing. Prior to that eventuality – either individually, or pimped, as faggots, or prostitutes, or banding together in nomadic isolation, as freak shows, circus acts, holes in porn arcades – the strongest will strive for continued survival. Genocide might actually be more humane, but why offer compassion termination to the race that denied it to all others, living. I prefer to take no prisoners, but the choice is not mine. 

Yes, I unequivocally support the New Black World Order. Within that context, must it be mandatory for white women to breed black, outlawing straight sex between whites? Must the forbidden or unfortunate (in the case of rape or incest, white upon white) foetus of an all-white union then be aborted? Again, the natural order of things will dictate the course towards the New Black World Order. The new social norm, as espoused by all public information and media, will encourage all to comply freely. Without white governments and churches to misrepresent the truth, all girls will be groomed by their mothers – already impregnated with babies of colour – upon puberty, to breed black. Yes, the age of consent must be changed to that of puberty, thirteen, max. Why should teenage girls be denied some of their best child bearing years by depriving them of sex with men of colour? White boys will have but two choices, vis-à-vis white women, as they will be be permitted to breed, nor will their inferior seed be wanted – eunuch or faggot.

Personally, I support the natural black dominance over all other races. Again, this need not be by law, as whites, as inferiors, will not be allowed to vote. Democracy has failed. Time to give another reality a go, one of servitude of the inferior race to the mastery of the superior race.

All of this will, of course, be set within the greater framework of the incontrovertible ideal – that of homosexuality. In an ideal world, women would only lick, tongue, suck, finger, and fuck women; men would only lick, tongue, suck, finger, and fuck men. Men deemed manly enough to procreate, to breed – that is, alpha men with big dicks, big balls, and abundant sperm – would be the only men designated to breed women. To fulfil their sexual desires and needs, inferior men would be feminised through hormone therapy. They would serve the real male community as an adjunct to sissies, the preferred third gender, born to serve the sexual appetites of men. Sissies would not only exist to be fed and seeded by real men, but in addition to serving as sex slaves, would also serve as toilet slaves. Sissies, as directed by their masters, would also serve to clean up females after breeding, to eat the cum from their pussies and buttholes. Menstrual hygiene would also be performed by sissy faggots as desired by real women.

In short, before that by-and-by of future bliss, social norms – peer pressure, essentially – will fashion a society in which all other races serve and submit to blacks. This will simply feel just, and right. White women, the instigators of much of this, strengthened by the new mandate and order of society at-large, will defiantly reject any and every notion of breeding with laughably pathetic white men. Society will applaud teenage pregnancy, where the mother is white, the babies are black. As rôle models, their mothers, their teachers, their governmental leaders, their spiritual leaders, will all either be black men, or women impregnated black babies, or mothering black children, or both. Distinction and honour will lie in the age a girl is first impregnated with her first black baby – the earlier, the better; and the number of black fathers siring her black children – the more, the better. Marriage will not be a constraint, but an alliance. Both husbands and wives can fuck anyone they chose, simply either to spawn another black baby, or to be impregnated with one. Needless to convey, white men will certainly be denied marriage, except to other white men, in the ideal circumstance and condition of homosexuality.

Why must we wait for this outcome, seemingly future ever future? Why? Because the only other option is genocide. As the realisation is made that only black lives matter, encouraged by the precipitous rise in black births, the cataclysmic fall in white births, the new order will establish  its unassailable foundation. Initially, Asians may continue to inter-breed. They, too, however, in due course, for their own fleeting endurance, will abide by the new order. Asians, though, never directly guilty of the enslavement of the black race, will be granted more gradual obedience. Ultimately, just as it began, the whole world will again be black. Welcome to the New Black World Order. Choose to be now, or then.