Whether or not a pursuit is achievable has little to do with its plausibility, and much to do with its believability. Vantage point determines perception. Perception determines belief. Belief determines reality. Nothing begins ‘til you get there. Cease, to begin anew.

Experience all that for which your future self will thank you. The moment you now refuse, you will never see in your life again. The little things, the little moments – they are big. Any configuration of life repeated – lived more than once – is not a life.

Disembroil yourself from the ravelled, choking maze of caution. Disemburden yourself of any and all impulse, desire, impetus to belong. If everyone has it, refuse it. If everyone does it, refrain. If everyone thinks it, think differently. If everyone wants it, reject it.

Anything lost can be found again.

Time is not a thing. By definition, it is a fleeting intangibility; a moment at which, or stretch of existence during which, something happens. Make it happen. No leap of faith ever revealed its landing prior to the jump.