All the images and representations of God, in all of her or his manifestations, are merely the fanciful notions either of the manipulators, motivated by the propensity for domination; or the sycophantic, either fettered by fear or upon the predisposition to enslavement. God, then, to both, is an accomplice, a co-conspirator, a collaborator; never an antagonist before whom or which one might cower.

Only Lilith, the Divine Succubus, and Satan, the Divine Incubus, make no pretence of hypocritical motivation, claiming to be other than She or He is. In Her or His embodiments and exhibitions there remain only craving and its satisfaction, lust and its satiation, debauchery and its intoxication. 

All craving is real; its fulfilment, the natural order of the universe. When choosing between two evils, choose always the one yet to try. Temptation should be the only thing you cannot refuse. A vast surrender to that seduction, your only strength.

When angels fall, they call them devils. When mortals fly, they call them saints. Some angels have horns; some devils have wings. Every saint has a secret past; every sinner, an awaited future.