Category: Contrasts

Concealment and invention, or honesty and reality? Interest, fascination, infatuation, obsession, all lie in mystery rather than identity. Within the realm of mystery, love, true love, exists at that moment, that place, where truth and magic collide. Choose, therefore, to be now, or then. Shall you be as you appear, or appear as you are?

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L’ abysse

Pendant quelques années, trop d’années, j’ai trop bu. Entre folie et rage, je ne connaissais pas d’autre repos. Entre médiocrité et obsession, j’ai toujours choisi l’obsession. Entre mes extrêmes, provisoirement, ténue, l’équilibre a aussi toujours […]

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Nothing changes, if nothing changes. With but one lifetime to live, I, for one, have not the leisure to await evolution’s gradual righting of wrongs, however the certainly of that eventuality, nor less the temperament […]

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The warm water remindedme each morning that I hadnothing else alive near me. L’eau chaude m’a rappelémoi chaque matin que j’avaisrien d’autre vivant près de moi. Bob bore, cefais fy atgoffa gany dŵr cynnes nad […]