Category: Contrasts

Concealment and invention, or honesty and reality? Interest, fascination, infatuation, obsession, all lie in mystery rather than identity. Within the realm of mystery, love, true love, exists at that moment, that place, where truth and magic collide. Choose, therefore, to be now, or then. Shall you be as you appear, or appear as you are?

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In Tanggu 塘沽区, the port district of the Tianjin municipality, 48 kilometres downriver from Tianjin, on the Hai River, where it enters the Bohai Sea, I lived alone, upstairs, above a long abandoned commercial enterprise […]

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Before one sees, one has to look. Seeing, in earnest, deliberately, fully, grants perception. Perception determines belief. Belief determines reality. Lingering intentionally upon that reality records it in memory. Just as perception is subjective, so […]

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Las Cruces

Struggle is for those whose weakness and fear demand compliance to mass indoctrination, acquiescence to mass hysteria, resignation of individual will to collective deceit. To struggle is to wallow, to flounder, to thresh, to flail, […]

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One is often born other than she or he is meant to be. Biological gender may be suggested at birth, but psychological gender is determined by destiny. Choice, then, accompanied by courage, must intervene to […]