Category: Contrasts

Concealment and invention, or honesty and reality? Interest, fascination, infatuation, obsession, all lie in mystery rather than identity. Within the realm of mystery, love, true love, exists at that moment, that place, where truth and magic collide. Choose, therefore, to be now, or then. Shall you be as you appear, or appear as you are?

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I do not believe in theburning of witches. Witchesare feared for their sovereignty,Gaea rather than Zion granted,earth left unpoisoned, inviolate,rather than raped in paternity’smythologically heroic name.Burn, instead, your crosses.

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My destiny, oft-confirmed by blind fortunetellers in China – 独马单枪空做去 – One horse, one weapon, feat-venturing into the void. [My horse – my cover, my shelter, my shield; my weapon – my words, written, spoken; […]