Edificial intricacy and aesthetic lucidity are balanced here so sublimely that one naturally seeks a broader repertoire of motifs from which to draw description. Unmatched, inimitable, the home eludes all efforts to characterize it as […]

Fairy tale

Once-upon-a-time is barely visible here. It is not that it is too distant to recall, but that it has been allowed to disintegrate through less than resolute custodianship. By-and-by too, is nearly, if not beyond […]


Enough is perfect when it is enough – nothing more, nothing less. In itself, this home is sufficient. So sure is it of its adequacy, it requires no affirmation of such to establish its integrity. […]


No battle today. No anticipation of such. An acceptance of the cessation of conflict, however brief. A realisation that the battle was within all along; that the adversary was and is self-created in resolution of […]