To be a warrior, prepare for defeat just as you prepare for victory. To be an explorer, prepare for bewilderment just as you prepare for discovery. To be a poet, prepare to drink from the […]


Falling midway between Beltaine and Lúnasa, Lammas is the Summer Solstice, marking the peak of the sun’s influence upon the Earth. The spiral of the year has expanded to its widest point and now the […]


All of my resources were beyond the realm of my acceptance. Life was a continual romance with pain. Nothing changed, because nothing changed. But as time learns a boredom, loathes the determinate succession, irks with […]


Silence once reigned. With the invention of the machine, noise was born. Since then, noise has triumphed over silence. Since then, noise has intruded into, interfered with, trespassed the sensibilities of men.


Imagine The Way I See It As a conspirator of sorts of fate, I feel that I serve as a  liaison uniting buyers with the addresses wherein their lives will unfold anew; and enabling sellers […]