My eyes are slate blue; my layers, dense, enduring, suitable for roofs, for floors, for words; my edges, shape, cutting, suitable for tools, for weapons. Of the names I am called in my native Welsh, […]


Without the slightest pretense – no restraint, no ostentation – this home feels complete in itself. Every room, every space, contributes to the overall integrity in both form and function. What comes to mind is […]


Before you Pray – Believe. Before you Speak – Listen. Before you Spend – Earn. Before you Write – Think. Before you Know – Feel. Before you Quit – Try. Before you Die – Live.

How many…?

Age tells nothing. Ask, rather, how many New Moons I have witnessed; how many Full, in how many places. How many sunrises and sunsets. How many miles I have travelled. Upon how many faces have […]


Though you perceive me to be, not your friend, yet nor your enemy. Despite and yet, because, however, instead, a stranger who would present to you realms of mystery, where magic surrenders itself to the takers, […]


Though the capacity to love is inherent, it may be stifled or even be extinguished,  supplanted by fear. There is no fear that is innate; all fear is learned. To restore love, one has to  […]