The problem is that the rules in the States are ambiguous, open to the interpretation of those with the money and the power, those able, through their commercial, industrial, economic influence and concomitant contributions to […]


Emotional…? How about sensual? Emotions are fabrications of the mind. In their interaction with the world, the senses perceive. Feelings, these sensual perceptions, are genuine responses to immediate environmental stimuli; emotions are but contrivances, conjurings […]

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The Gross National Product does not include the beauty of poetry or the intelligence of public debate. It measures neither wit nor courage, neither wisdom nor learning, neither compassion nor devotion. It measures everything, in […]


The strong, the independent, the self-possessed never come with an uncomplicated, straightforward, painless past. In a society which benefits, profits, from self-doubt, self-command is an act of rebellion. Hence, of the strong, the inseparable union […]


Perhaps you feel alone, because you are surveying merely what is before your eyes when your head is down and you are looking only at the ground upon which you stand. Lift you head away […]