My dream –

In my post-vintage, pre-glam, full-size pickup, I was cruising down a busy avenue in the shopping district of a major city, in the early evening. Standing on the broad sidewalk in front of a glitzy department store, in a white cotton dress, bags in one hand, mobile in the other, apparently awaiting a ride, I saw you. I pulled over out of traffic into the temporary drop-off lane, stopped right in front of you, leaned over, rolled down my window, and called your name, Yitong 毅彤.

You didn’t recognise my truck, of course, but as I knew your name, you came over, leaned down, saw me, smiled, and asked, ‘What are you doing here?’

‘Just trying to get lucky, I guess. I didn’t expect you here, either.’

‘I just finished some shopping. I’m waiting for my husband. He just texted and said he’d be a bit late, something came up at the office.’

‘Then I did get lucky. Hop in. I’ll pull around the corner, and we can fuck.’

‘I don’t know. He said he wouldn’t be long.’

‘He said he’d be a bit late. That leaves it open. Come on, get in. We won’t be long.’

You handed me your bags, then gave me your hand. I pulled you up and in. When you were belted up, I entered traffic and drove to the nearest darkened side street. There, in the shadows, I pulled over, and turned off the ignition.

‘We’ll have to be fast,’ you said, as you moved closer to me. My older truck had a standard bench seat. It was covered, both seat and back, in a naturally tanned grey sheepskin, sheared neatly. You put your hand on my crotch, feeling for my cock. I was already getting hard.

I unfastened my belt, lowered my zipper, and pulled out my cock. Cursorily glancing around outside, you took my cock in your hand, jerked it affectionately, then leaned down to suck it. I reached around your waist, and began fingering your pussy through your panties.

After only a few minutes of that, I was fully ready to fuck. I wanted some of that pussy first, though. Urging you up, you raised your hips, and rolled off your light lavender coloured panties. We both moved over so that I was not encumbered by the steering wheel, but so that you had room as well to recline, granting me access to your pussy. You were already wet, but I wanted you wetter, and I wanted to taste you. While I was eating your pussy, after moistening my middle and ring fingers in my mouth, I stuck one, then the other, in your butthole. You moaned with pleasure, as you raised and lowered your hips, pushing my tongue deeper into your cunt.

It was time to fuck.

Sitting up, I pulled my pants all the way down to my shoes. You straddled my thighs. While my hard cock was still massaging your clit, all the way up to your navel, I loosened the top buttons of your dress, reached around and unfastened your bra, raised it, and began sucking on your nipples. While I was sucking, and nibbling, and licking your nipples, I kept a finger in your butthole, moving it in and out, in and out.

It was warm enough outside that the windows of the cab remained unaffected by the condensed heat rising from our sex-engaged bodies. If anyone had been passing, though, even in the darkness, in the shadows, sex could not have been denied.

We were ready – past ready.

Straddling me still, you raised up enough for me to enter you, then sat all the way down, sighing, as my cock filled you all the way to your g-spot, and past, tapping, then pounding on your cervix. As you began to rise and fall in a rhythm of ecstasy, abruptly, you stopped, and leaned down towards the steering wheel.

‘It’s my husband. He just pulled in and parked right behind us.’

‘Are you sure it’s him?

‘It’s our car.’

‘Can you peek, just to be sure? He won’t recognise my truck. He won’t have a clue. At worst, he will think some couple is just having fun.’

You raised up just enough to observe the car behind.

‘That’s our car, alright, and someone else is in the passenger seat. They’re talking. Oh, no…now they’re kissing.’

‘You’re sure it’s your husband?’


‘Well, that’s changes things, doesn’t it?’

‘What do you mean?

‘You said you didn’t have sex any more, because of a medical condition, or a side effect to medication. Maybe the impotence has been feigned all along. There are medications, too, you know, to get men over the hump of impotence. At least you know he’s not gay, or simply porn-addicted. He has another lay, another woman, that’s all. After their wives bear children, many men turn elsewhere for sex.’

I was still deep inside you. I was still hard. The interruption had only arrested my orgasm, and yours.

‘She’s getting out of our car. She’s young, pretty. That fucker. He’s been cheating on me all this time.’

‘And what are we doing? Are you not cheating on him, too?’

‘No, it’s not cheating if I’m just taking care of myself. At least that’s what I thought I was doing. Now I know better.’

‘He’s picking up his phone, probably to text…’

The text arrived. ‘Where are you? I drove by, and didn’t see you there; so I’m driving around the block. Be right back.’

‘Okay, he’s leaving.’

As he drove away, first, you reached for your phone, and texted back, ‘It took you so long, I had to run back upstairs to pee. I’ll be right down. Wait for me.’ Then you sat fully up again, straddling me, my cock again hitting your sweetest spot. There was a defiant gleam in you eye. I love that look. It is the look of insatiability.

Now poised again in every way, having crossed a threshold of recognition, of awareness, you began to bounce up and down on my cock. Bouncing ever harder, my cock driving ever deeper into you, you screamed, ‘Fuck me. Fuck me. Fuck me. Fill me with your hot cum. I want all of it.’

In just minutes, you began to convulse with orgasm. It was incontrollable. Your spasms of blissful delight seemed the ultimate acceptance of your new reality. As that newly realised consciousness of freedom erupted in you, I began to explode inside you, pushing deeper with each ejaculation, again and again and again, filling you to bursting with my seed.

You were at ease now. Let him wait. Disengaged, we collected ourselves. You put your panties in your purse. ‘I don’t care if he sees your cum dripping down my legs. He’ll smell the sex, anyway, just like I’ll smell it on him.’

You smiled, then laughed. ‘You were right all along. People get their needs met no matter what, no matter how, no matter who. It’s just human nature. It was really my lucky night. If I didn’t have you, if I wasn’t fucking you, I would really be messed up right now. Now I know it’s all okay. All of it. My husband treats me well, because he’s someone else’s bitch. My lover is a radical, crazy, fearless Welsh poet. My husband ain’t got nothing on me.’

Starting my engine, I said, ’Let me get you closer.’

Within view, but far enough away not attract notice, I pulled over.

‘Wow, that was intense. Are you really going to be alright? You know where I am if you need me. I am all those things you mentioned. I am also mad about you. It takes courage to be who you really are. You’ve got courage. It wouldn’t work between us it you didn’t.’

‘You better go. Don’t forget how much I love you.’

We both leaned over and kissed, squeezing hands.

‘I know you love me. I love you, too. See you again soon.’